can i buy online with sassa card

Can I Buy Online With SASSA Card

Since the launch of SASSA cards, I have often seen many new SASSA beneficiaries asking at help desks, can I buy online with SASSA card?

The shortest answer to this is yes, you can shop online using SASSA payments through SASSA cards.

The main goal of SASSA is to provide assistance to beneficiaries in South Africa, it doesn’t matter what way of spending you choose either online or offline.

Yet there are certain conditions you should be keeping in mind when you plan to spend SASSA money using SASSA card online we’ll discuss later in this article.

Before you know these important conditions to remember while spending online using SASSA card, let’s point out some specific questions beneficiaries do ask.

Can I Buy Groceries Using SASSA Card Payments

Yes, you can shop for groceries online using SASSA card with SASSA grant payments you receive on a monthly basis.

As the main objective of these grants is to assist beneficiaries in their daily life matters, like buying necessities for themselves to live.

But before you buy online groceries using this card, you have to figure out what shopping stores in South Africa accept SASSA card payments.

There still many local shopping stores exist that don’t accepts SASSA cards yet, so important you check before.

Also, there are many shopping marts operating in the country that offer a wide range of shopping discounts specifically for SASSA beneficiaries.

Can I Shop Clothes Using SASSA Card Payments

Yes, you can buy clothes online from the stores online available in South Africa offering online clothes shopping facilities.

You should be aware of this fact that online clothing stores out of South Africa or international stores won’t accept your Sassa card for payments, so make sure you only buy from local online stores.

While shopping for clothes online, you should also aware enough that not all clothing stores will accept your SASSA card for transactions.

There are still many online clothing store available in SA that offers discounts for SASSA beneficiaries on payments.

Can I Pay Electricity Bills Using SASSA Card Online

Yes, you can, to buy electricity with SASSA card online or to pay an electricity bill using SASSA card, you need to follow the steps.

  • Login to your energy provider or electricity provider’s account.
  • Find the pay online section in your member account.
  • Enter the bill amount you want to pay and enter your meter number and account number under which your electricity connection is issued.
  • Select your payment method as ‘SASSA card’ and then click on the pay now button.
  • You’ll receive a transaction receipt on your phone via SMS that your bill has been paid, simple is that.

Important: with all this information, remember you might not escape from the transaction fees that banks may cut on your payments. This is applicable to all types of SASSA cards.

Precautions Online Transactions Using SASSA Cards

Here are some precautions you should know about when you’re buying online using SASSA card.

  1. Always be aware of your monthly budget while spending SASSA payments online.
  2. Be informed about the third-party transactional fees: banks in which you save your money will deduct their transactional fees when you purchase anything online.
  3. It’s not always obvious that you get discounts on every store you purchase online.
  4. Try not to purchase household goods from unauthorized shopping stores, prefer only reputable shops.
  5. After you make any transaction online using your SASSA card, try to clear your browsing history or cache from your phone or computer, this will ensure the safety of your card from being vulnerable.
  6. If your card is expired, it won’t be acceptable at any store, renew your card before you proceed with online transactions.
  7. For paying electricity bills, you may only pay these bills to reputable electricity providers who accept online payments.

SASSA cards almost cater all the necessary online transactions a South African beneficiary needs in life, like buying groceries, purchasing clothes, or paying electricity bills.

For more helpful information related to SASSA grants, keep visiting Using our site you can also check SRD status online, SassaCheck offers a wide range of issues with the solutions beneficiaries face in their daily lives.


Where can I use my SASSA card online?

The majority of grocery stores, clothing stores, and electricity providers that offer online transaction services will accept your online purchases, for more information on what stores accept and what not, you have to read their policies and terms and conditions. 

Can I borrow household items using SASSA card online?

The stores can only offer you online buying facilities. However, some banks may offer you loans under the name of SASSA loans i.e Shoprite loans from where you can borrow money for a specific period of time.

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