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SASSA Criteria | How to Choose the Right SASSA Grant 

If you are a South African resident you might be interested in having a SASSA grant for yourself or for someone else that is related to you. The biggest problem most people face before they get any financial grant is that they aren’t clear about for what grant they should apply.

We are here to guide you through choosing the right SASSA financial grant scheme for yourself. Remember, you can only choose and apply for the grant to which your requirements are complying or the grant to which you’re fulfilling the criteria. You can’t choose any grant from the pool randomly.

For a complete guide about grants, keep reading, on our platform, you will also learn how you can use SASSA online application facility, with this you can also perform SASSA status check after your application is successfully submitted and processed through SASSA’s checks and verification procedures.

SASSA Criteria for All Grants 

Before you know the details of each SASSA grant, note that each grant is different in its requirements and monthly payments, but this doesn’t mean they are being disbursed on different dates, all grants have the same monthly payment dates for disbursal into your account.

Remember, the most important SASSA criteria of each grant that must be fulfilled is monthly income, you can learn more about the monthly income criteria of all grants by SASSA.

Child Support Grant

The SASSA Child Support Grant is specifically proposed for South African children who are unable to meet their monthly expenses due to certain  If the child is yours or in close relation to you, see the following eligibility criteria to apply for Child Support Grant.

sassa criteria for child support grants
criteria for child support
  • The child must be a South African resident.
  • The child’s age must be below 18 years.
  • Income in support of the child must be under R4000 and R8000 if his/her guardians are married or parents.
  • If the child is an infant or little to support his matters, the person applying on behalf of the child must be the closest or primary relative.

Care Dependency Grant

The SASSA Care Dependency Grant is somewhat similar to a child grant but different. A child and an adult who is unable to meet monthly expenses can receive this grant. A South African person who depends on someone else’s finances can be eligible to receive this grant.

  • The person or the child must be a permanent South African resident.
  • A severe medical disability should be proved.
  • The income level of the guardian must be under the SASSA criteria announced limits.
  • If the applicant is unable to apply, the applicant must be in the closest relation.

Old Age Grant

The Old Age Grant is designed for people who are of old age and unable to take care of themselves in terms of finances or unable to meet their monthly means for survival. You can have this grant if you successfully meet the following criteria points.

  • The minimum age of the applicant must be 60 years or 60+.
  • South African nationals residing within the country.
  • Monthly income and assets annual valuation must be below the criteria.
  • Must not receive a pension package from any organization.
  • Marital details should be shown.

Grant in-Aid

To get successful approval for SASSA Grant in-Aid , the following criteria must be fulfilled.

  • A severe mental or physical disability must be proved with complete medical assessments and documentation.
  • The guardian applying on behalf of the applicant must be in closest or primary relation.
  • With medical proof, income threshold criteria must be met.

Disability Grant

The SASSA disability grant is for disabled or differently abled South Africans who are unable to meet their expenses due to certain mental or physical disabilities, however, the following criteria must be met in order to get this grant.

  • The applicant for this grant must be permanently disabled naturally or catastrophically. 
  • Complete medical assessments with reports proving the permanent disability of the applicant.
  • If the applicant is unable to apply on his own, the guardian applying on his behalf must be in any primary relation.
  • Income must be lower than the SASSA announced income limit.

Foster Child Grant

The SASSA Foster Child Grant is designed for certain South African Children who are in the care of their foster parents, following eligibility criteria must be met to achieve this grant.

  • The age of the child applicant must be under 18 years.
  • A legal or court document must be produced showing the foster care of the child under parents.
  • The low or no income of parents must be proved under the income criteria of SASSA.
  • A social worker must be involved in ensuring or stating this grant is the best suitable for the foster child. This isn’t mandatory but sometimes you have to show this to SASSA.

War Veterans Grant

For SASSA War Veterans Grant, the applicant must served in the National Armed Forces of South Africa. To have this grant, the following criteria must be met.

  • The applicant has served in the Armed Forces and was released from the forces.
  • Applicant must not be involved in the act of dishonor with their country or Army.
  • Weak financial status and weak health must be proved.
  • Income must not exceed the income criteria limit.

Final Thoughts

SASSA criteria are different for all grants, if you fail to provide or prove any requirement of the specific grant you may face problems in your grant approval journey, so make sure you complete all such requirements and do your best homework before applying for any SASSA grant.

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