difference between sassa appeal and sassa reapplication

Difference Between SASSA Appeal and SASSA Reapplication

Both Appeal and Reapplication are facilities of SASSA given to its applicants in order to give them a chance to get their SASSA application reconsidered for approval.

Some people get confused about the difference between these two terms. Well, in short, SASSA appeal is a process you can apply on your recently rejected Application to again go under the verification process under the SASSA approval team.

On the other hand, SASSA reapplication is simply applying again for a rejected application.

When an applicant whose application was rejected by SASSA, appeals, his/her grant application speaks to SASSA approval team that the person was rejected before and has appealed this time.

Similarly, when an applicant reapplies for a rejected application, his/her application is considered as new, and now SASSA team treats this application as a completely new one. But that doesn’t mean that SASSA isn’t aware of your past record or the number of applications you’ve submitted.

Due to the large databases SASSA has recently implemented in their system, this agency keeps historical data of an applicant, Not only this, but this agency has the authority and systems to check the other related and important information of an applicant, like its income resources and stuff like this.

Common Differences Between Appeal and Reapplication

An appeal requires fewer steps than reapplication to perform, and if you’re going with this, you may not have to submit all the attachments and documents from scratch.A reapplication may require some more steps to perform than an appeal, in this you may have to submit your important documents again from scratch.
When the SASSA team is analyzing an appeal, they are aware that the person is appealing with some other historical application information.SASSA team analyzing a reapplication might not be aware that the person is reapplying, they treat it as a new application.
This is a request or an argument to SASSA approval team that you’re right at your place and your previous decision for rejection wasn’t right.This isn’t an argument, but a request to get approval for a grant.
This is a revision process at the end of SASSA team.This is a revision process at the end of the applicant.
It typically challenges the decision-makers at SASSA.This isn’t a challenge to decision-makers.
This might go under the same team or person deciding on approvals.This may not go under the analysis of the same decider. 
Requires less time to perform.Requires more time.

We recommend always appealing first after the rejection of your grant application, this creates a more positive impact on the decision-maker at SASSA. But whether you decide to appeal or reapplication, it won’t affect your approval chances, as transparency and criteria do always matter.

Similarities Between Appeal and Reapplication

  • Both appeal and reapplication status can be checked using SASSA status check web app.
  • Both are used to get approval, and both can increase the chances of your grant application approval.
  • Both are used for re-verification of your grant application.
  • To some extent, both indicate the element of importance and somehow imply a positive impact on the decision-maker at SASSA.
  • Both are used against an application rejection.

Final Thoughts

SASSA allows both to its applicants, but you’re advised to choose wisely from these two different decisions. If you’re currently going through the situation of rejection, we advise you to first try by appealing, then you can try for reapplication. An appeal can potentially save you time.

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