Role of Appeal in SASSA Systemic Improvements

The Role of Appeal in SASSA Systemic Improvements

If you’ve ever faced rejection in your SASSA online application process and appealed the SASSA, it doesn’t really means that SASSA don’t like you or have any personal concern with your color or religion.

SASSA have developed appealing and rejection system just to eliminate people who don’t really deserve any SASSA grant. If SASSA declines any application, it means there is really something wrong with the application, that is why SASSA has put objection over it.

This system does not only remove non-deserving people from the system, but also improves the SASSA’s systematic approach to deliver its services to beneficiaries. Even if you’re performing your Sassa check for your grant  on your phone or computer online, it’s just because SASSA has enough time to produce such facilities for beneficiaries.

If you’re going through SASSA appeal process with disappointment, let me clear one thing, if you’re true and authentic at your place, then this process is built just for your security and ultimately you’ll be handed over with approval.

Why Appeal is Better Than Reapply

There is a huge number of people in South Africa who decide to reapply just after one rejection which isn’t a good approach. It’s always better to once at least try for appeal because with all the legit requirements you’ll be going to have an approved grant at the end.

The reason why SASSA appeal is important and recommended is because when a person with legit criteria and eligibility guidelines keeps on appealing to the agency, the agency has your previous  application record, when they see a number of appeals by a person, they are likely to approve the application.

For appeal, you must be following the appeal standards that make your appeal more persuasive to the person at SASSA that is going to receive your appeal.  

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