sassa disability grant

SASSA Disability Grant

SASSA disability grant is one from the pool of SASSA grants for deserving people in South Africa but it is a little bit different design according to the needy.  This grant is specifically designed for South African citizen who are disabled in terms of health physical or mental and are unable to earn to meet their expenses.

You can check for the disability grant status just as you can check others by putting your national ID card number and registered phone number. To perform check status details for yourself or for any other differently disabled person, the person must be a registered recipient.

Please make sure this grant is allocated for two types of disabled people within the country, these two types are ‘people who are disabled for some permanent reasons related to health’ and other type is ‘citizens who are temporarily disabled due to any injury or accident and unable to work for income’.  

Check Status For SASSA Disability Grant

SASSA Disability Status Checking Procedure

Before you go for a status check, not that all the details you are going to are caste sensitive, so carefully enter each and every detail of your personal.

  • To verify or ensure your official SASSA disability grant status, please go to:
  • Individuals applying for Disability grants are required their National South African ID Number OR 13-digit refugee ID, or their Caretaker ID number.
  • Enter the cell phone number associated with the applicant’s SASSA Disability Grant request.
  • Press or click on the ‘Submit’ Button’ given below to transmit your inquiry to our database and it will pop your results on the screen.
  • Our online portal will then handle, process and output your request for assessing the status of your Disability Grant application.
  • The outcome of your current application’s disability grant status will be presented on your screen.
  • If a single digit is missing or mistypes from your side, it will show error, make sure you put every detail perfectly.


If case you are under 18 and in need of permanent care due to any disability that is making you unable to work for money, your primary caregiver can apply for the SASSA Care Dependency Grant on your behalf. In case you do not possess an ID, you will be required to complete an affidavit and furnish evidence of your application for the document from the South African government’s Department of Home Affairs. It is crucial for you to remember that if you have not initiated the ID application process, you must do so within three months of submitting your grant application otherwise problems can happen.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Disability Grant

Following is the eligibility criteria for this grant that must be fulfilled for successful approval, a single missing thing from the criteria list may put you in application rejection.

sassa disability grant criteria
disability grant criteria
  • The person must be permanently or temporarily disabled, must not be able to take care himself/herself.
  • A medical report must be provided showing the disability of the person from an authorized hospital.
  • The disabled person or first blood guardian must not be earning more than  R16,140 on monthly basis. If the couple is married, they must not be receiving a monthly income higher than R193,680.

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Can a person for short-term disability apply for a permanent disability grant?
No, it’s against the criteria to file an application for permanent grants if you are a temporarily disabled person. 

Can a disabled child apply for a disability grant who have no guardians?
Yes, but the person who is applying on behalf of such a child should be the one closest in relation to that disabled child.

Can a child who is disable and orphan at the same time can apply for two types of SASSA grants?
It depends, you can appeal for this but the chances are only one application will be officially approved and entertained.

How much grant for disability grant?
A total amount of R2090 will be provided on pay dates to the disabled applicant after he/she successfully approved for the grant with all criteria met.

To obtain further details and official support from the agency, you have the facility to reach out to the Department of Social Development and the South African Social Security Agency via the toll-free helpline at 0800 601 011. Alternatively, you can utilize the official email address: [email protected]. Make sure to be kind and respectful with every personnel you deal through.

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    1. Hi, you have to prove your disability through proper medical documentation from authorized hospital or the hospital reporting that SASSA accepts.

  1. My leg have a little inflammation due to which i am not able to walk and work, will I be eligible for this grant?

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