old age homes for sassa pensioners

Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

Old age homes for SASSA pensioners is a scheme recently launched for old age or senior South Africans who aren’t able to take care of themselves due to old age weaknesses.

SASSA old age scheme comes under the same grant as SASSA old age grant in which you will get a living space in specially allocated homes by SASSA where you will be living under high care fulfilling all your food and medicines needs on a daily basis.

This scheme can grant you home space for living in your golden age time going through a simpler application process in which you apply for admission in an old age home. The SASSA team after receiving your application will come to your current residence and analyze your lifestyle to check whether you are a deserving one for old age home by SASSA.

Steps to Apply for Old Age Homes for SASSA Pensioners

Before you go further in detail about for applying an old age home for SASSA pensioners, keep in mind that the most important and primary requirement is your medical report that mentions that you are medically weak due to old age. To apply for old age home admission, go through the following steps.

  • Visit your nearest Social Development office or SASSA office and ask them to provide you with an application form for an old age home.
  • Fill out the form correctly and be honest and transparent in providing all the personal details required there.
  • Attach a photocopy of your national ID card and your medical report proving your old age weakness and submit your application to the counter.
  • After some time they will call you for a medical screening test that will be held by SASSA itself to confirm your deservedness. 
  • After the verification team is satisfied with their investigation, your grant will be granted to you within 30-40 days.


In case you are severely weak in terms of health, you can allocate someone in your relation to process all your applications on your behalf. In this situation, a SASSA verification professional will physically visit your home to verify your application and proof.

Requirements Before Applying to SASSA Old Age Homes

There are some compulsory requirements in the shape of some documents that you must have in your hand before applying for old age homes, any missing requirement may cause problems in your application process. Carefully see the following requirements before you proceed further.

old age homes for sassa pensioners requirements
sassa old age homes requirements
  • Hard copy of your pension fund receipt or your SASSA old age grant receipt. 
  • Your medical report shows your weakness or proves that you aren’t able to take care of yourself.
  • Your age must be 60 or above according to your national ID card.
  • Your national identity document or the document legally proving that you are a South African citizen.

Facilities You Get in Old Age Home

  • Timely food on your table.
  • Necessary medicines.
  • 24 hours good care for you.
  • Neat and Clean bedding and overall environment.
  • The carers always take care of your cleanliness.
  • You are allowed to meet your children or relatives at any time you want. SASSA doesn’t have any type of limitation for meeting your relatives.

Old Age Home Locations in South Africa

SASSA has allocated a large network of old age homes in different regions of South Africa which you can select according to your ease. It is advised to choose wisely your old age home location which is somehow near to your original guardians or relatives to whom you can meet easily in a time frame of month or week.

GautengAreaOld Age Home Name
1.BoksburgBoksburg Old Age Home
2.JohannesburgSoweto OA Home, South Hills OA Home, Roodepoort OA Home, Randburg OA Home, Protea Glen OA Home, Lenasia South OA Home, Golden Harvest OA Home, EldoRado Park OA Home, Alexandra OA Home.  
3.KrugersdorpKrugersdorp OA Home
KwaZulu NatalAreaOld Age Home Name
1.DurbanDurban North OA Home, Isipingo OA Home, Phoenix OA Home, KwaMashu OA Home
2.PietermaritzburgPietermaritzburg OA Home.

Western Cape

1.Cape TownAthlone OA HomeOA Home.

North West

1.RustenburgRustenburg OA Home.


1.NelspruitNelspruit OA Home.


1.PolokwanePolokwane OA Home.

All these homes and locations are officially announced by SASSA. If SASSA allocates any new location for an old-age home, it will be updated here immediately.

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Is the SASSA old age grant and Old age home the same?
Both are very similar but different, old age grants offer you financial help in your bank account, while for old age homes, you’ve to separately apply with some different documentation.

What if someone is receiving an old age grant and wants to live in an old age home?
It is highly practical if someone is receiving an old age grant and wants to apply for an old age home, if you want both these facilities at the same time your old age grant will be reduced by 25%.

Will the old person get free food in an old age home?
Yes, the food will be completely free of cost and will be covered in the same percentage SASSA will cut like 25%. Other facilities will also be provided using the same 25% money.

For more information:

Call: 0800601011
Email: [email protected]

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