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Many people have heard about the SASSA HIV grant, many of them are confused and many of them know what it actually means.

Without taking more of your precious time, let’s come to the point. The SASSA HIV grant isn’t any special grant type built for HIV patients in South Africa. This is a type of SASSA Disability Grant.

Yes, people with HIV are disabled in many aspects of their lives, and working to make a living or earn is usually the most difficult and effected part of their lives.

If you’re here looking for an HIV grant, we recommend you use the SASSA disability grant and apply online for this with complete requirements.

There isn’t rocket science or something very different for checking the status of this grant or the application process for this grant, as this is disability grant nothing else.

SASSA HIV Grant Status Check

Before you check the status of this grant, you must have applied for this grant, then you’ll be able to see the details of your application. To check, follow these simple steps.

  • Enter your ID card or CNIC number in the field asking you to type your ID number.
  • Then enter your phone number and click on the check now button.

Please note the ID card number and phone number you enter should be of the disability or HIV grant beneficiary, and both these should be the same as provided in the SASSA application.

How To Apply for HIV Grant By SASSA

To Apply for SASSA HIV Grant, you don’t need to follow any specific or special process, you just have to perform the same actions as you do when for applying other SASSA grants.

  • Make your account on the SASSA website by providing your ID number and by selecting your username.
  • Then open the apply online window and fill out the application.
  • Before you fill out the complete form, first try to read and know the requirements the SASSA requires from you and arrange them all before you take any step toward applying.
  • Fill the form with complete requirements and submit it, Do not wait for at least two weeks to allow SASSA to completely process your application and give you a response in return.

Mostly HIV grant applicants are least in facing rejection, but suppose if you faces any rejection after applying for this, don’t worry you’ve the option to appeal for rejected grant.


Is HIV grant and SASSA DIsability the same thing?
Yes, it actually falls under the disability grant category, because the person with an ailment like HIV is also considered disabled.

Do I need to provide medical assessments for the HIV grant?
Yes, providing medical documentation to prove your ailment due to which you need aid from SASSA is the most important part, without this your grant may be rejected.

How much is HIV grant by SASSA?
There isn’t a special or fixed amount for HIV grant, as this grant is disability grant, the amount for this will be the exactly same as of disability grant by SASSA.

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