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Debunking Myths About SASSA Grants

SASSA one of the most popular social security agencies in the country of South Africa stays in town almost the whole year.

When there is a big organization operating, hearing misconceptions about or myths is kind of normal and usual thing because a large number of people are connected with it.

We’ve discussed some famous myths here that you should not believe if someone in your area told you, before you hear of someone’s fake information or myth, just open the internet do your own research, and then make any decision.

Remember, hearing, believing and acting on a myth can be sometimes problem-creating for you, so make sure you think before this.

Famous Myths About SASSA

Mostly such myths or fake information are typically injected by the people in the opposition or other similar opposing organizations.

  • SASSA is built only for older persons: not merely for older persons, but SASSA has more beneficial programs designed for senior South Africans, in comparison to this other grant programs are designed for one group type of people according to financial and age status. There are two schemes of SASSA for old age people old age grant’ and old age homes for pensioners.’
  • SASSA Gives Immediate Approval: this is never the case, SASSA is one of the agencies that take the most time to investigate the requirements that a beneficiary provides with his/her application to check whether the applicant is suited for the grant. The minimum time that SASSA takes to verify an application of applicant is 2-3 weeks, after this, the application goes under certain processes.
  • Once rejected never be approved: SASSA gives multiple chances to South Africans to appeal for grants if rejected with improved requirements and applying strategy.
  • The SASSA Pays once a year: SASSA has designed all its grants for all group types to be paid on a monthly basis, for this the beneficiary just has to attach a bank account where monthly disbursements will arrive.
  • Anyone can apply for a SASSA grant: a person to be an SASSA beneficiary has to go through certain processes where his/her financial status undergoes analysis and various other factors are checked by the agency to check whether the applicant is best for the grant to for which he/she has applied for.
  • You can have multiple SASSA grants: this can never be a true statement, SASSA has strict policies regarding its grant-awarding system, a person can have only one grant at a time fulfilling all criteria. If there are different types of people available in a single family with different disability types, then they as the same family member can have SASSA grants.
  • Only black South Africans can have SASSA grants: not at all, both black and white South Africans can have SASSA grants fulfilling the eligibility points. SASSA is a government organization that works beyond race and caste in South Africa. So, whether you’re a black or a white South African, you can apply for a grant.
  • SASSA is designed to give luxuries to South Africans: no, SASSA is merely designed to fulfill the needs of South African citizens who are basic, SASSA isn’t built to provide luxuries or things beyond basic needs. If you’re going to apply for a SASSA grant, make sure that you’re not going to receive any luxuries through this program.
  • Immediate payments after approval: After successful approval, the beneficiary is likely to receive a monthly payment in the next monthly payout along with other beneficiaries on official payment dates.
  • SASSA discourages employment: SASSA in the case of unemployed South Africans is only designed to facilitate them temporarily until they get a new job to meet their ends. So, SASSA as a government initiative don;t want to ruin the country’s economy by relying on its grant only.
  • SASSA isn’t strict: SASSA is strict in verifying an applicant and decision-making. SASSA when approves a beneficiary it checks certain factors and then makes the decision for approval. Sometimes SASSA decides to arrange an interview to clarify its confusion. 
  • You’ve to pay for application status check: you can check Sassa status on the internet by paying zero money, it’s a completely free service without any hidden charges.

Final Thoughts

so here are the myths about SASSA, if you’re going to be a SASSA beneficiary, it’s very important that you keep in touch with authoritative resources that provides information or news on SASSA. Also, you should be very proactive when verifying a news about this agency before you take step forward to action.

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