sassa payment for june

SASSA Payment Dates for June 2024

The SASSA payment dates for the month of June 2024 are listed on our site, you can check according to your grant and can take any prior action.

If you’re having an expired SASSA card or facing any problem related to your grant, it must be solved before the SASSA payment for June in order to save yourself from any convenience or delay in receiving your payment.

SASSA Pay Days for June 2024

Like the starting payment dates of the year, there are very low chances for the June payments to get official delay, because this mid-year month usually doesn’t have any event at the state level.

Old Age GrantJune 4, 2024
Disability GrantJune 5, 2024
Child Support GrantJune 6, 2024
sassa payment for june

>> Also know July dates.

For This Month Approved Beneficiaries

All grants24-29 June 2024

If you don’t want to face traffic or people rushing for their monthly SASSA payments at payment points, we advise you to visit your payment point or ATM after one day of official disbursal.

One important thing: you must have a bank account that SASSA allows, if you’ve a bank account that SASSA don’t allow its beneficiaries to hold, you might not be able to receive your payments, if this is the case you can change bank account details.

june weekend payments will be processed on upcoming workdays

SASSA Payment Amounts

As SASSA payment dates are different grant types, SASSA payments in terms of the amount of the money are also different for each SASSA grant. SASSA officially don’t have any policy that allows beneficiaries to appeal for grant increments.

Child Support GrantR480
Care Dependency GrantR1990
Foster Child GrantR1070
War Veterans GrantR2010
Old Age GrantR1990
Disability GrantR1990

You must be very conscious while choosing a grant for yourself or for your loved one when applying, because a single mistake or mismatch of your eligibility with the requirements of an SASSA grant may lead to rejection.

If you have any confusion related to SASSA payment dates for June, you can contact SASSA support without any hesitation.

Payment Withdrawal Precautions

  1. Plan your ATM withdrawal at least a week before official disbursals and also plan the location of ATM where you going to perform your withdrawal.
  2. To avoid CHAOS and rush, avoid visiting ATM on peak hours.
  3. At ATM point, don;t accept any help offer from any stranger, do all your tasks yourself and if you experience any problem, immediately inform to bank staff.
  4. Don’t allow anyone to enter with you for your withdrawal, and also don’t forget to cover ATM keypad with your one hand while entering your PIN.
  5. After the ATM money push your card and money out, first eliminate your card from machine and place it in your pocket or wallet, and then take your cash.
  6. Before leaving your home for withdrawal, once check your card’s validity, but try to see this one or two weeks before.
  7. Stay alert of SMS notifications on your phone regarding transactions.
  8. After leaving the ATM machine cabin, don’t stop anywhere unless you reach your home destination.
  9. While avoiding peak hours at ATMs, also avoid late-night ATM visits to avoid street robberies.

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