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SASSA Change Phone Number | SASSA R350 Change Number

Changing your SASSA registered phone is a case sometimes if you lost your phone or sim card or due to some reasons you have shifted to any other network and now you want the SASSA official system to recognize you from a different registered number.

SASSA doesn’t entertain any grant holder or beneficiary without a registered phone number and a national ID card number in the official documents. The good news is; that it is possible and very easy to change your phone number within some steps online as you do for banking details. keep in mind SASSA change banking details and phone number on some specific authentications.

Before you go further in the detailed process of changing your phone number, make sure you first inform the SASSA official of the incident in case you lost your phone number immediately stop your important notification to reach your previous phone number.

Reporting to SASSA about your incident will create a positive impression and increase the trust factor in the minds of SASSA who are going to deal with this issue later.

SASSA Change Phone Number Guide

After you complete all the following steps in changing your phone number, make sure it’s a 10-15 days process to completely change your phone number on the official documents of SASSA of your application.

  1. Clear your browser cache and visit the official SASSA website using your computer or smartphone.
  2. Type your ID card number in the username section and then enter the 6-digit special ID number issued by SASSA which is your App ID.
  3. Then press the ‘Submit’ button and you will be officially recognized as the authentic person required to change your phone number.
  4. An option will pop up in front of you asking you to click on a specific button named ‘Change Phone Number’.
  5. You will be asked to provide your new phone number, make sure your new number is also a registered phone number in your own name. This step will update your number in your online application automatically. But before this completely happens you have to go through a confirmation process.
  6. On your new number, you will be notified with a special OTP (One time Password) number. Enter this OTP number in the verification field and press ‘Verify Pin’.
  7. After this you will again receive a notification from SASSA to confirm your phone number change request, just press the ‘Submit’ button.

How Do I Change My Phone Number on SASSA

Use the following steps as it is in the image to change the number of your phone in the SASSA application stack. Avoid making any mistake to save yourself from future problems.

how to change sassa contact details
follow steps to change phone number in your sassa application


Please note that this process of SASSA change phone number is applicable to all types of SASSA grants including Foster Child Grant, Old Age Grant, Grant In-Aid, Care dependency, or SRD 350. 

How to Repost SASSA About Your Stollen Phone 

SASSA in their official documents encourages every grant holder to resort immediately to the stolen phone in order to save themselves from future problems and keep your self in safe hands. You can follow the given steps below to inform SASSA about your phone number:

  1. To notify SASSA about the stolen phone or sim card open this in a separate browser.
  2. Type your username which is your 13-digits South African national ID card number.
  3. By providing and confirming your ID number, you acknowledge to SASSA that the cell phone number associated with your SASSA SRD R350 grant application has been altered without your consent.
  4. You will be asked for ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ accordingly.
  5. If you press YES you will be notified with a confirmation ‘SASSA regarding the unauthorized alteration of my cell phone number’.

Pictorial Guide to Report Stolen Phone to SASSA

report sassa about stolen phone
follow steps to report SASSA about stollen phone

For more information related to any grant you’re beneficiary of, you can use our official status check app to look realtime details of your grant application. We’ve also discussed a complete sassa online application process which you can use online using your computer.


How to change SASSA phone number without application id?
To change without an application ID, you must know the reference number of your application, otherwise you might not be able to change your contact details. Check how to get SASSA reference number.

What other steps I can take to notify SASSA about the phone number?
You can follow the above steps or you can simply call to SASSA official helpline at 0800 601 011 and ask them about all the problems you facing.

Will the person who found my phone can change the details of my SASSA application?
Calm down, it’s impossible that the person who found your phone changes your details to him/her it will require the person to go through various authentications and confirmations to change the details, but it’s still recommended to take action immediately from your side.

What additional documents do I need to have in order to change my phone number?
You don’t need to have any additional documents to change your number, it will be completely dependent on the confirmation and authentication process for which your ID card number and your existing email will be enough.

Does changing my phone number affect my grant status?
No, it will not have any effect on your existing SASSA grants, but it’s still recommended to keep your registered phone number safe to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

How to change SASSA SRD phone number?
Changing phone number for SRD or any grant requires the same process as told above.

How long does SASSA take to change phone number?
If you’ve applied for change, it may take a few weeks or 30 days to be changed and updated on your application officially.

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    1. There isn’t yes specific process introduced by SASSA to change your phone number using SMS facility, but you can try contacting on WhatsApp please note that changing your ph number through WhatsApp; isn’t promised, so the most authentic and professional way is through the process told above, changing through WhatsApp isn’t recommended

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