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SASSA OTP Withdrawal | Complete Withdrawal Process Using One Time Password

SASSA OTP withdrawal is another option you can use to withdraw your SASSA money without SASSA card, its easy, simple, and very minimal time taking process.

There is a huge number of people who struggle with their SASSA card, like they may have lost the card, the card is broken, or any other issue related to their card can be a reason.

Every SASSA beneficiary with little knowledge can use this amazing facility given by SASSA for which you must need a phone and approved SASSA application.

If you’ve any of the given pains with your card, we’re here to help you with your SASSA OTP withdrawal with a complete step by step process.

SASSA OTP Withdrawal Step by Step Process

Before we go into the details of OTP withdrawal, make sure your grant status is active and you’ve your SASSA registered phone active in your smartphone. Also, you should be connected with the internet, because in this process you’re going to interact with SASSA website.

process of sassa otp withdrawal
process of sassa otp withdrawal
  • Step1: Open official SASSA website and login into your beneficiary account using your ID number and phone number that you provided in your SASSA online application.
  • Step2: Search for the button ‘withdrawal’  within the portal and click it, you’ll be directed to little form in which you’ve to select your withdrawal amount, the maximum withdraw will be the total amount of money you’ve in your account.
  • Step3:  When your proceed further after selecting your desired withdrawal amount, a pop-up on your screen will appear with this message ’OTP is sent to your phone’, you can also see a empty given field below this message requiring OTP from you.
  • Step4: Enter the OTP in the field you’d received on your phone, now you’re able to transfer this money in you digital wallet or into your ATM.

You can take the hard cash by visiting a retailer, postbank or by visiting your ATM with a SASSA card. In case you don;t your OTP on your phone, check your mobile network and try again with the same procedure, here is detailed guide on how to receive SASSA OTP.

Get SASSA OTP on WhatsApp

You can also use SASSA WhatsApp number to receive your OTP on WhatsApp chat, this is also considered as one of the secure methods of getting your OTP, follow the steps to receive OTP on your WhatsApp number.

Before you request OTP on your WhatsApp chat, make sure you have saved the official SASSA whatsApp number in your smartphone, also use the same number only you’ve registered with SASSA, follow the steps.

  1. Save this number as SASSA whatsApp in your phone 082 046 8553.
  2. Start with greeting, be polite if you get a chance to interact with real humans.
  3. When you send a greeting message on the number, you’ll in return receive an automatically generated message in which you’ll be asked for multiple options or queries you want to resolve.
  4. Select for the ‘OTP’ option, if you don’t see any such option, you can select the option to talk with the human, ask the real human about your query.
  5. Select the OTP option and proceed further by giving your phone number and reference number, you’ll receive your OTP in just a minute.

Why use OTP Withdrawal

SASSA OTP withdrawal isn’t an open choice that you can use, in most of the cases it’s used as a condition like when you don;t want other typical withdrawal like through digital wallet or ATM when you don;t have your ATM card available with your.

ATM withdrawal method is the secure, safest and encrypted  method to withdraw your SASSA money, as it does not involve any third party between you and SASSA.

To proceed with this method, you’re not bound in time as you can perform this anytime of the day you want.

It requires very little time and don;t require the hassle of going outside your home, you can do this in a matter of minutes.

You don;t have to wait for long standing in queues at ATM machines or for receiving through other digital wallets using local retailers.


Is there a fee for using the SASSA OTP withdrawal system?

NO, there isn’t any hidden or publicly told fee for availing OTP service of SASSA, it’s completely free.

Where can I find SASSA-approved ATMs for OTP withdrawals?

You must know SASSA approved ATM before you go and find one outside, here are SASSA approved ATMs; FNB ATM, Standard Bank ATM, Absa ATM, Capitec Bank ATM, Selected Retailer’s ATM, Post office and PostBank ATM.

Can I use SASSA OTP withdrawals for all types of grants?

Yes, you can use OTP to withdraw all grant type money.

What should I do if I forget my SASSA card PIN for OTP withdrawals?

Simply call the SASSA helpline using your phone 0800601011 and ask your problem there.

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