earn extra money with sassa grant with these tips

Get Extra Money With SASSA Grants Following This

Due to rising economic prices in South Africa and all over the world, it’s always a good idea to have some extra income.

As SASSA money isn’t much that anybody can enjoy some extra things in life like traveling or buying some stuff to you.

There is no doubt that SASSA grants are enough for one to live an average life monthly, but what if we can have other opportunities to earn some extra until we are healthy enough to work.

The things we’re going to discuss here will require some extra effort or a little talent to proceed with.

You must be hungry enough to do follow these steps in order to enjoy some extra lavishness in your life.

But I promise these things will be practical and anybody can do with basic knowledge. Let’s see what these skills actually are.

The skills that I am going to introduce you to can be digital or offline.

One thing very important to mention here, you need to maintain and proper connection with SASSA and keep updating SASSA about this while you doing anything for better financial status.

Also note that, if your earning from other sources than SASSA reaches at a good level, you must be responsible enough to cancel your grant so that anyone in South Africa who truly need such grants can get one.

Get Extra Money While Having SASSA Grant

Here are some practical skills that you can learn within a time span of a few months and apply and start earning money by receiving monthly SASSA grants.

Start a small e-commerce store:

Starting a small ecom store could become very serious, as ecom store have the ability to sell the product to a larger audience than you think.

It also needs very minimal cost to start, as you can start a small ecommerce store within a cost of around 2-3 thousand rands.

There are many platforms easily accessible that could be used for making a store like Shopify and WordPress.

After this, you only need a domain and a hosting provider to host your ecom site.

Start a Youtube channel:

If you already have any skill, you can start making videos on YouTube, as your audience gets bigger, you can earn a huge amount of money from it.

If you don’t possess any technical skills, you can learn them and have your presence on YouTube.

Start a small offline business:

A small offline business can be any, it could be a ice cream shop or a burger shop or it could be any of yoru interest.

A small offline business started from selling one can become most profitable at later stage. So always consider starting small.

Facebook reels:

Making some amazing short reel videos is the most trending skill these days, you can make reels of any skill you have or anything that satisfies the audience over Facebook.

Sell on Facebook:

If you don’t want to sell using an e-commerce store, or you don’t have enough skills to start one, the Facebook shop option can become one of the most profitable startups for you.

It needs a very minimal level of skill to start selling on Facebook, you can start selling a small product over Facebook and later add more related items to sell.


You can use TikTok as a platform as you want, you can even sell products over it or you can start making amazing short videos over it.

Instagram Reels:

Instagram reels has became the most popular platform for reels now even more popular than Facebook.

Not only you make content over it, but you can even sell your items over it if you know how to sell. To sell over Instagram you just need good content that resonates with your audience.

Mutual funds:

This can be online or could be offline, you can joining trusted mutual funds communities to take part in mutual funds. 

This can’t give you an income on a weekly or a monthly basis, but yes you can start mutual funds to get big amounts once or twice in a year.

Whether you start investing in mutual funds, it’s very important that you tie up with only trusted communities.

Start a Blog:

You can start a blog website where you can start publishing content that solves problems of people.

The Sassa Check itself an online website blog that publishes helpful content over the topic ‘SASSA’ to help beneficiaries get out of different problems they face while having Sassa grants.

Private Job:

You might not know that you can even have a job with SASSA grant with some conditions and limitations.

Suppose if you find a job that pays well, you may not be eligible to have SASSA grants.

A private job pays no good income at the end of the month, you can report to SASSA that you still need money from SASSA by appealing and with proper proof.

All these skills or ideas have their own benefits and struggles, like if you do anything online from the above, you may need very low cost to start for.

Similarly, if you start any small business offline, you may need more upfront costs than an online business. Also in offline business, you may need a little more time than online to get success over time.


  1. All the ideas given above to have an extra income with SASSA grant money should be started small. After starting small you can expand.
  2. Remember that once your income threshold from other sources than SASSA once exceeded, you may not get SASSA grants in the future, so it should be your obligation to cancel the grant money you receive from SASSA on monthly basis.
  3. If you don’t have any experience with the above ideas, it’s always a better option to consult with an expert who’s done this.
  4. Before starting anything, if you study the demand of users a little bit, it will always be fruitful, don’t start randomly.
  5. In case you get a government job, your SASSA grant will not be sustained.

Final Thoughts

Keep struggling for a better future and try your best to get rid of SASSA grants by applying the above-told things in your life with a positive expectation. Even if one person get success in life after this, it could creat a huge positive impact in the society.

As if you get success in managing a good financial status in the future, the SASSA grant money you’re receiving can become the lifeline of others in South Africa. These things will not only benefit you but also the whole country.

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