never do this for long terms sassa grants

Never Do This To Get Long Term SASSA Benefits

A day may come in a new SASSA beneficiary’s life when he/she check status of grant and notices canceled or suspension of the grant.

Everything seems broken, but this can happen to mostly new beneficiaries because of little to no knowledge of SASSA.

Its an obvious thing that SASSA is a big organization that operates on certain rules and regulations.

So, everyone connected with SASSA for benefits should be knowledgeable enough to get long-term benefits from this.

Today I will highlight some important things that you must not be doing while receiving monetary benefits from SASSA.

The things I am going to tell you will make sure that everything is running right and that you keep receiving benefits from SASSA with no problems.

Before you know, you can check how SASSA works, this will ensure a better understanding of the topic.

Disclaimer: if any such thing happens to you someday, keep note that SASSA isn’t unfair in its decision for beneficiaries, if the problem exists, there must be something wrong.

Avoid These Mistakes

As a responsible SASSA beneficiary, you must be doing legal practices with SASSA, to ensure the security of long-term benefits you can consider the following points.

  • We all know SASSA grants are temporary and need continuous renewal or one can only get benefits from SASSA after proper reporting his/her financial crisis to SASSA through proper documentation. So you must know that once you have a SASSA grant, you must renew it for long-term benefits.
  • Never alter the information, documents, or details you have provided to SASSA at the time of new application when renewing your grant, all documents and information should be the same as previous.
  • Don’t try to provide bogus documents to SASSA whether medical assessments or your income or assets proof. SASSA can take serious legal action against you in this regard.
  • Many people after getting grant approval forget about the importance of checking application status regularly, so if you’re one of such people, don’t ignore the importance of it, keep regularly checking to find out problems that usually can happen.
  • Avoid applying for multiple grants with fake South African identities as this will not work because SASSA has a database of all South African resident’s ID numbers.
  •  Never try to change the bank account details to a bank account that SASSA does not accept, it can cause failure of payments to reach you.
  • Never ignore the importance of reporting circumstance changes to SASSA or it can result in cancelation of benefits. It’s up to you how you report this to SASSA, but it must look very professional with proof.
  • If you use SASSA money online directly from a card, keep in mind to not use this money on illegal websites or avoid misusing it.

Keeping in mind these things will always be beneficial for you and ensures the safety of the benefits you receive from SASSA for a longer period of time.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing from the above-discussed points is to renew your grant after every expiry, you must be aware of the time period of the grant you’re receiving from SASSA and also note that every grant type has a different expiry date.

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