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How To Cancel UIF and Get SASSA Approval

Canceling UIF and shifting to SASSA isn’t really challenging, you just need to follow some basic steps.

Many people in South Africa currently getting benefits from UIF may want to change their grant company due to many reasons, they might not be satisfied with the service or they may be not getting enough benefits they need to fulfill their basic needs.

So if you’re one who want to change from UIF grants to SASSA grants, we’re here to help you through this.

You may also check your status by putting your South African ID number and Phone number, if the status stays, UIF registered, then you priorly need to cancel UIF first to get any benefit from SASSA.

Condition: you will see the UIF registered error only if you’ve applied for SASSA.

How To Cancel or De-register From UIF

Here are simple steps you can follow to cancel or halt receiving UIF benefits. Also, note that this strategy for canceling UIF isn’t necessary, you can also opt for your own strategy by canceling UIF grants according to your knowledge or experience. However, the following are some steps you can follow.

procedure to cancel uif
follow these steps to cancel uif

Procedure 1:

  • The labor or the person want to cancel UIF benefits have to fill U-19 form from UIF to cancel UIF. This form is the same one you filled out at the time of registration.
  • After filling the form with the correct details, you can either send the form to UIF’s official email [email protected] or you can send the filled form to the physical mailing address of UIF as UIFPretoria0052. In case you’re a FAX user use this number (012) 337 1943.
  • Now wait for a week for your De-registration to process at UIF.

Procedure 2:

  • Visit the UIF portal through this URL And login to your UIF account you created at the time of registration.
  • Search for cancel registration OR cancel application within the dashboard of your UIF account.
  • Now you’ve to input your application details with UIF, and enter the details it requires from you, the most important detail is your account number, enter this without any mistake.
  • Click on submit, now your application for cancelation is submitted to UIF.
  • You will receive a cancelation notification within a week or 2. 

Procedure 3:

  • You can also simply contact to UIF on their helpline number 012 337 1680 and ask your query for cancelation of benefits.
  • Make sure you have the UIF details of application in your hand if the UIF professional asks for any.

How to Shift on SASSA 

Now you’ve successfully canceled your UIF benefits, it’s time to register with SASSA for SRD or any grant you’re interested in. Following is the basic procedure for your understanding of the SASSA application, but, to get a detailed guide on the SASSA application you must visit this.

  • Step 0.1: become a member of SASSA by creating an account on the SASSA’s online portal, use your South African ID number and valid Ph number to sign in.
  • Step 1: fill out the SASSA application form online or physically by hand after printing it out.
  • Step 2: fill out the bank consent form for the banking details or the bank in which you want to receive your monthly payments.
  • Step 3: Submit the application form through the same portal on which you created your account. Now wait for 1-2 weeks to get an official response from SASSA on the decision of your application approval.


  1. You won’t be getting any benefit or positive response from SASSA until you get yourself de-registered from UIF. It’s always a good move to cancel the UIF application before you engage with SASSA.
  2. In SASSA’s official policy documents; a person getting benefits from more than one financial organization isn’t allowed to apply for SASSA. So even if you apply for any other such organization even after getting approved from SASSA, your application is going to be suspended.
  3. To get benefits from SASSA, you need to fulfill the criteria for application.

Here are some potential benefits of SASSA you can achieve after getting approved for a grant.


The information or guide provided in this article is specifically for people who are truly in need of shifting to SASSA, we’re not encouraging anyone to cancel UIF and register with SASSA. We are just providing information and not encouraging any type of de-registration.

Final Thoughts

The SASSA has always been the best grants scheme from its beginning to today, its all because of its trait of fulfilling promises in its history. With other positive aspects in its history, SASSA is the best grant-providing organization in terms of its monthly payments disbursements and its always changing payment amounts according to inflation.

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