uif registered sassa declined meaning

UIF Registered SASSA Declined Meaning | How To Solve This

This is a problem you have to care about if you want to be one of the SASSA beneficiaries and one day after applying for SASSA, you see this error message in the status check area.

When there’s a problem, there’s always a solution, so if you are currently facing this issue while you enter your details to check status, we’re here to help you get out of this situation on your own.

Yes, there are some cases in which you may not be able to solve this issue, but in my opinion, those can only happen in worst-case scenarios, so you don’t have to worry. Before you know more about this issue, it’s important for you to first know the root cause of this.

UIF Registered Sassa Meaning and Why This Happens

We all as a South African knows that only two big humanitarian organizations are working in South Africa, SASSA and UIF. There may be more than these organizations, but the most famous among Africans are only these.

Both these organizations have some rules, which you have to follow if you’re interested in any of their programs. The common rule of both these organizations is that you can’t receive benefits from other such organizations of the same category.

If you’re currently receiving benefits from SASSA, you won’t be able to receive benefits from UIF at the same time and vice versa.

Not only do such organizations have such rules, but also the government of South Africa has officially announced that no South African can get benefits from two financial organizations at the same time, so if you are interested in any such grants while living in South Africa you have t0o be very careful about this.

In most cases, your application will not be accepted if you are already enrolled in any of the financial grant organizations, but still, if you get approval mistakenly from the team of any organization from these two, later you’ll face problems with your application.

How To Solve UIF Registered SASSA Error

 In some cases, you can solve this issue, but at the same time in some cases, you won’t be able to find any solution to this problem which will only result in the suspension of your application.

solve sassa uif registered declined
solve sassa uif registered declined status
  • Solution 1: If you were previously registered with UIF to take its benefits and now you’re not taking any benefit from UIF, you can appeal to SASSA with documented proofs, and chances are high that if you’re authentic your application will be accepted.
  • Solution 2: If you’re planning to apply for any SASSA grant, you can first request first to UIF to discontinue your grant and give you a document of proof that shows the discontinuation of your grant from UIF, use this document as an attachment to give SASSA proof that you’re no longer a beneficiary of UIF
  • Solution 3: if for any reason you’re unable to produce the proof of document that shows you’ve stopped receiving benefits from UIF, you can also request the print of the bank account statement that was attached with UIF to receive benefits, the bank statement must be officially oriented by your bank.
  • Solution 4: if nothing works for you, you can visit SASSA office the most nearest to you with all your documents. Please note that your documents will be going to check the authenticity that you’re no longer a beneficiary of SASSA, so bring only meaningful documents that help SASSA team to verify.


Do SASSA and UIF work parallel?
No, they are both different agencies that offer different types of benefits to different groups of people in South Africa.

What will happen if I apply for both SASSA and UIF at the same time?
The policy of South Africa as well as the policies of both these agencies don’t allow benefits from both at the same time to the same person, so if your application is accepted in this way, it will be suspended soon.

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