sassa care dependency grant

SASSA Care Dependency Grant

The South African government is responsibly taking the owner to give one of the best humanitarian financial support to their citizens including guardians of children under 18 years of age and old people who are citizens of South Africa.

In the case that you have submitted an application for a care dependency grant on behalf of a South African disabled child, you can also verify the status of your SASSA Care Dependency Grant application online with some clicks only. This grant is akin to the SASSA disability grant, with a distinct focus on local younger children, much like those in foster care under court-mandated placements.

With all these the most important thing should be met which is the applicant should be a national of the country and haven’t held a passport of any other country outside South Africa.

SASSA Care Dependency Grant Status Check

You can follow the steps given below in order to see your grant status details for the dependency grant, follow these steps.

  • To inquire or check about your current SASSA Status in the documents, please go to
  • South African ID Numbers of guardians, foster parents, or custodians are mandatory to have in hand and should be entered there.
  • Enter the cell phone number associated with the applicant’s Care Dependency Grant. This phone number is the same that was provided at the very first step of the application process.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button given below the fields to transmit your request to our database.
  • Our web portal will handle and electronically process your Care Dependency Grant application status.
  • The results for the child’s care dependency grant application status will be presented immediately after you follow the steps told above.
  • Additionally, you can also find helpful resources and information about the Care Dependency Grant application process on our website which we have explained in detail for you.

This is a very rare case, but suppose if you are having any problem related to all this and can’t find any way to go further using online resources, there is also a great option for you to sort your problem by contacting the agency in person. 

In case you are confused or have any general questions or need assistance, you can get in touch with the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) office by yourself. They are available to offer details regarding SASSA payment dates, eligibility criteria for government grants, addresses, and contact information for district offices, as well as help with inquiries related to grant applications. For more info, call 0800 601 011 or you can email [email protected].


Entering your ID card number and phone number is a case-sensitive process, enter it 100% correctly otherwise you might see not found status.

Eligibility Criteria for SASSA Care Dependency Grant

You must fulfill the following eligibility criteria points in order to achieve successful approval of this grant. Failure to fulfill a single criteria point from the following may cause rejection in the grant approval.

sassa care dependency grant eligibility criteria
care dependency eligibility criteria
  • The applicant must be a national South African resident with ID card.
  • Mus be a legal parent or foster parent of the child, it should be proved through documentation.
  • The children or the deserving child of this grant must be over the age of 18 years.
  • If the child’s guardian is divorced or separated, or a single mother, the income must not exceed R20,800. In case the guardians of the child are married, their combined monthly income must not be higher than R41,600.

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Is the SASSA Care Dependency Grant the same to the SASSA disability grant?
Of course, these are similar things, the Care Dependency Grant is similar to the SASSA disability grant, providing financial needs. However, it’s tailored for younger children requiring full-time care due to disabilities, unlike the SASSA disability grant, which is for individuals of all ages with disabilities.

What are the possible cases when I enter my details all correctly?
The system will show your details or these two possible statements; ‘your application is pending’ or ‘Record not found.

What should I do if I get stuck somewhere regarding my grant?
In case you are stuck somewhere and not finding any solution on your own, you can contact to official contacts given above. Please make sure if you make a call your phone balance should be filled otherwise your can can be disconnected in half.

How much it will take to pop your results after entering personal details?
Once you press enter after entering details, it’s a one-second process to output your details from the official SASSA database. Before checking make sure your internet is working well. In a very case it will take more processing time when the system is too busy in dealing with other citizens, so if this is the case deal it with patience.

Is there any hidden fee for checking status from SASSA or another third party?
No there isn’t any type of hidden fee imposed by SASSA or any other company you usually interact with. In case you make a call from your personal phone number, in this case, SASSA isn’t responsible for the deduction of your credits from your phone sim.

How much grant for care dependency grant?
If the applicant successfully meets eligibility criteria and approval, a monthly grant of R2090 will be disbursed on paydays in the account.

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  1. Is there a helpline or customer support service available to assist individuals with inquiries about the Care Dependency Grant?

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