how to fix sassa declined

How to Fix SASSA Declined | How To Deal With it

SASSA declined application and SASSA declined appeal are two different things, this is compulsory for you to be aware of before you know the case more in detail.

When you first apply for any SASSA grant and get rejected due to any objection this is called a declined application, while if you apply for reconsideration of your application within the next 90 days of rejection, this is known and still gets rejected, this is known as a declined SASSA appeal.

There can be certain steps that you can follow to get your application successful in the reconsideration or appealing process. One thing to keep in mind, we can only suggest the best preventive measures to keep in mind while appealing.

We don’t promise that your application will get accepted after reading the guide we are going to provide you, it can be totally dependent on a trial and error basis because there are dozens of factors that the South African Social Security Agency considers.

Steps to Fix Declined SASSA Social Grant

Before you proceed further with appealing, it its always a good move to analyze your previous application and try to understand the reason for rejection, sometimes reason is mentioned, and sometimes not depend on the mistake or any activity that happened from your side.

If you successfully figure out the actual cause of the decline, congratulations, you are a step ahead near to success in your grant approval. Carefully read the following points to apply for appeal.

fix declined sassa grant
steps to fix declined sassa grant
  • Clear your browser caching open an incognito window, and open the official SASSA site in your computer or phone’s window.
  • Enter your national ID card number in the required field and enter your SASSA-registered South African phone number in the second required field.
  • Proceed to ‘Request Pin’ which will be notified on your registered phone number.
  • Select the appealing month and now copy that PIN and paste in the required field, if copy-paste isn’t working you can simply type that PIN by remembering.
  • Click the Submit button after selecting the reason for the appeal and be in the waiting queue for the response from the authorities.
  • Once your appeal process is completed you can use SASSA status checker after some days of your query hit in the database of SASSA.


NOTE: Appealing SASSA and then response is a long process, be patient and keep in mind that don’t get abusive to authorities when asking for help. Sometimes extra long delays can happen, appealing for at least waiting for a month for acknowledgment from officials, you can also appeal every month.

For more information:

Call 0800 60 10 11.
The computer operator will ask the option you, to select ‘speak to SASSA consultant’.Apply for reconsideration

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