SASSA Online Application | How to Apply for SASSA Grant

SASSA online application has made it easy for many people to apply for SASSA social grants in order to receive social grants in their bank accounts.

Online applications for grants have enabled many people in South Africa to save their time and resources by just using their computer or smartphone to get a grant.

With a matter of clicks, now you are able to apply for SASSA, but it’s important that you know the complete process and keep your necessary documents in your hand when applying.

Remember! these documents are going to be used by SASSA to check your eligibility as a grant applicant, and whether you deserve the grant.

Procedure for SASSA Online Application

Though applying online for SASSA in general a 2 step process that includes Registration for SASSA and then actually applying for grants,

You will get to know in the steps ahead, each and every detail. Keep in mind that there are many sub-steps involved in these two steps, so be careful to read them all.

1.  SASSA Account Registration

To become eligible for SASSA online application, you first need to be a member of SASSA by account registration, follow these simple steps given below to register yourself with SASSA.

sassa account registration process
steps to get registered with Sassa
  1. First visit the SASSA ( available online, before you open the website, try to clear your browser cache or do all the following steps in incognito mode of your browser (for a better experience).
  2. You will see a button “Account Registration” or “Register an Account” Click/tap on it.
  3. After clicking, a small terms&condiiton pop up will appear on your screen; click on ‘I Agree’ and then again click on the ‘Apply’ button.
  4. You will be directed to the official e-form named ‘Client Registration’, make sure you have all your personal identification and other important documents on your table.
    • Your personal South African ID card, is going to be your login credential as username.
    • Your citizenship card in case you transferred to a South African permanent resident after any other nationality or a refugee.
    • Type your specialized ID card number and confirm ID registration.
    • Now choose your person title as Miss, Mr, or Mrs, If you are single choose Mr/Miss, if married and female, choose Mrs.
    • Enter your full name including your first name and your father’s name.
    • Provide your email address, and make sure you provide the email to which you often stay logged in, here you will receive important notifications.
    • Set passwords according to the criteria given there, you can save your password in a separate in case you forget it.
    • The final step is to enter your registered South African phone number. Then click on ‘Register’ button.

Congratulations! Your registration process is done and now you are halfway to your online application.

Before you go further check your phone, you will see an auto-generated notification with OTP from SASSA, Or you might get the confirmation link in your email.

Remember that you haven’t reached yet to phase where you will start receiving payments on official dates, follow the next steps.

2. Applying for SASSA Grants

Before you reach the second and final step for your online SASSA application, make sure you have completed all the small steps included in the first step carefully.

To perform this step, you can again clear the browser cache (ignore it if you are doing all this in incognito mode).

sassa application process steps
steps Sassa application process
  1. Use your login credentials which you have chosen while registration. Reminding again! your ID card number will be your username.
  2.  Click on the “Social Grant option” and select the specific type of grant you want for yourself, be very clear about which grant you are applying for.
  3. Now carefully fill out the application form named ‘grant application form’ and make sure you don’t make any mistake in filling the form with all the details required there.
  4. Click on ‘Print Form’ and you will get an affidavit generated by SASSA with an official monogram. Take the hardcopy and attest if from the commissioner of oath which can be any.
  5. Carefully sign the Bank Payment Form and provide it, together with your affidavit.
  6. Convert all required documents in PDF form and upload them, make sure you provide documents only in PDF format, otherwise chances are your application might be rejected.

For specific types of grant applications or for grant applicants, consider the following documents.

Keep in mind, every SASSA grant will be only different in terms of eligibility criteria, rest of the application process is the same.

Child Support Grant Applicant:

  • A photocopy of the child’s identification document
  • A photocopy of the mother’s identification document (optional)
  • Proof of marital status: marriage certificate (optional)
  • Confirmation of banking information: a bank-issued letter containing the applicant’s details
  • Verification of low or no income (optional)
  • SASSA issued affidavit.

Old Age Person Grant Applicant:

  • Photocopy of the applicant’s ID card.
  • Photocopy of the spouse’s identification document (optional)
  • Confirmation document (marriage certificate) of marital status (optional).
  • Verification of banking details featuring the applicant’s information (officially issued by bank)
  • Proof of low or no income (optional)
  • SASSA issued affidavit.

Foster Child Grant Applicant:

  • Photocopy of the Child ID card.
  • Photocopy of the spouse’s identification document (optional)
  • Confirmation document (marriage certificate) of marital status (optional).
  • Verification of banking details featuring the applicant’s information (officially issued by the bank)
  • Proof of low or no income OR no financial means (optional)
  • SASSA issued an affidavit.

After providing all the necessary details accordingly and submitting your documents, click on the ‘Submit’ button, and now you are good to go.

After your application process gets into official hands, you can perform SASSA status check after they upload your details in their database online.

After completing your whole application process, you will receive an official receipt in return for your application submission. Keep this receipt safe with yourself as proof, it can be required anytime.


Please note that the whole SASSA online application process is free, don’t pay anything to anyone if someone asks for payment meanwhile, the SASSA will not be responsible for it.


Can an overseas South African apply for an SASSA grant?

If you are an overseas South African resident and staying in any other country for a short period of time then you can apply for. In case you are a permanent overseas South African, you will not be eligible for any of the grants offered by SASSA, but if you’re not there are certain conditions for it.

How will I be notified about the result of my application?

You will be notified officially with a letter of acceptance or a letter of rejection. Suppose your application is rejected, you can use SASSA appeal facility for a grant within the next 90 days. Please note that if you cross this 90-day limit, you may have to apply again following the whole process from the start.

What circumstances can lead to the rejection of the SASSA application?

The rejection of an application can be due to many reasons that may not be publicly told by the authorities, but the most common reasons include incomplete documents, non-eligibility, and any major mistake in the application process.

What if someone doesn’t want to follow the SASSA online application process?

If someone isn’t interested in following the online application process or feels difficulty in it, he/she can contact you at their official contact numbers and ask one-on-one for information and follow accordingly. You can also visit official offices for assistance.

Can I make changes to my existing application?

Yes, if you’ve recently submitted your application online and you think you’ve made any mistake, then you can update SASSA application immediately before it reaches the SASSA verification team.

Can I cancel my SASSA grant?

Yes, if you’re now financially stable and think your grant should be granted to another deserving person, then you can cancel your SASSA grant within some steps.

How long does Sassa online application take to approve?

Applying online for a grant is the quickest way to get approval, it normally takes 2-3 weeks of review and processing and may be a whole month for complete approval.

For more information:

Toll-Free Helpline: 0800 60 10 11
Main Office Contact: 012 400 2322
Email Address: [email protected]


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