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Can Overseas South Africans Receive SASSA Grants

The shortest answer to this is Yes, but there are certain conditions that must met before you apply for a SASSA grant living outside South Africa or as an overseas South African.

As the biggest criteria of SASSA is, that one must be a national South African and must be below the poverty line with not enough resources or assets. This criterion will never be ignored if you want to have SASSA grant money in your bank account.

As a true patriot of South Africa, if you really don’t meet the criteria, we encourage you not to apply for SASSA grant as an overseas person with a healthy means of income.

If you have a healthy means of income as an overseas or healthy assets in your possession, canceling the idea of getting SASSA grant will make it possible for SASSA team to give this grant grant to the most deserving person in South Africa.

This is a fact, there are thousands of overseas South Africans all over the world receiving SASSA grants, so if you’re one deserving overseas, you can apply for a suitable one.

Before you know more about this, we advise you to first read about SASSA grant comparison, to know where you stand and what grant type suits best you.

With all this, if you have permanent South African proof of address and proof of income, it will be a plus point for you and may add chances to your grant approval.

Requirements for Overseas South Africans for SASSA

Here are some important things you must have to apply for a social security grant as an overseas South Africa.

  • Must be a South African.
  • Have a valid South African national ID card.
  • Valid and active South African phone number.
  • Overseas residency along with residency in South Africa proof.
  • Biometric verification from the South African embassy in your country of stay.

How to Apply for an SASSA Grant As a South Africa

The most inappropriate method for you is to apply online if you’re currently outside of South Africa. If you’re within the country for a shorter period, you can use other methods for the SASSA application. So is a brief guide for applying, for a detailed guide, you can check SASSA online application complete guide.

  • First step first, to make an account on SASSA website by providing your ID number and selecting a unique password, now you’re an online member of SASSA, but this isn’t enough, you have to follow some more steps ahead.
  • Collect your important documents, like your proof of income, proof of address, and your bank account (Sassa allowed only). Make sure all your documents should be in PDF form.
  • Now click on the apply for SASSA grant option within the dashboard of your SASSA account and you’ll see an online application form requiring many entails from you.
  • Carefully read the form and understand the requirements that form asking from you, to fill the form completely without any type of mistake. Remember, any mistake in form can lead you to face rejection.
  • Use the attachment option to upload your PDF documents to your account.
  • Proofread your application form for mistakes and correct if you find any, now click on Submit button to submit your application to SASSA.

SASSA holds every new application for a specific period of time, During this time an applicant can still have the option to proofread the application form and make necessary changes.

Suppose if you notice any mistake in your application, you can edit and update your application to increase your approval chances.

Keep in mind that SASSA will take 1-2 weeks to process your application and make its decision suitable. In case your application is rejected, you can appeal to SASSA to again put your application for review.

Precautions While Applying as an Overseas South African

  1. Sometimes SASSA arranges interviews with its applicants to investigate assets or income sources. In such cases, if you’re out of the country you might not be able to present on the interview date, or you can come back to the country to answer the interview questions.
  2. You need an online bank account (only SASSA suggested bank).
  3.  You may not be able to collect your grant payment while staying outside the country.
  4. SASSA may require your income source in the overseas country, if they find a healthy income source, your application might be rejected.
  5. To prove yourself as a needy overseas for a grant, you can show documented proof to SASSA to maximize approval chances.
  6. The SASSA can find your assets in your own country South Africa, so if there is a healthy one, you might be able to get approval for a social security grant.
  7. If your grant application is approved, you can check status of your application to stay updated and informed about the performance of your application.

Final Thoughts

If you think you’re really a deserving one, you’re welcome to apply, but if you’re really not a deserving one, we encourage you to not apply so that a truly needy can get the grant. With all this information, please keep note that SASSA don;t offer its services in overseas countries by office, you have to perform the steps either online or by coming back to the country.

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