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SASSA Appeal SRD Grant | How to Appeal SASSA

It’s a common part of the application process of the SASSA social grant that your application is denied by the processors. If you ever experience this, don’t panic and keep trying to solve your issue, it’s not a complicated process to sort this problem.

You can use an online channel to get your SASSA application reconsidered or noticed. To get this, follow the step-by-step short guide to make it happen successfully. 

Before you go further in the process, make sure you have complete knowledge of how you can see your status details. Having a complete knowledge of this scheme is mandatory for every applicant or recipient.

SASSA Appeal Complete Process

You can use the following 9-step procedure in order to successfully make your appeal to SASSA. Make sure you read and follow each step very carefully.

how to make sassa appeal
sassa appeal process
  • Access the SASSA Website: Visit the official SASSA appeals website by going to before landing on this site, for a better experience you can clear your browser cache.
  • Provide Personal Information: Enter your South African ID number and the phone number that you used during the application process. This is case sensitive step, so make sure you put each and every detail correctly.
  • Request a PIN: Click on the option labeled “Send Pin” to request a unique PIN code required for verification. This pin will be unique for every user, also keep in mind you can use this code within a few seconds.
  • Receive and Enter the PIN: Once you receive the PIN on your provided phone number, enter it in the designated field on the official website on which you are appealing.
  • Select the Appeal Month: Choose the specific month for which you wish to file an appeal. Ensure it corresponds to your application.
  • Specify the Reason for Your Appeal: Select the appropriate reason or category that best describes the grounds for your appeal.
  • Complete the Appeal Submission: Submit your appeal through the provided online form, ensuring that you accurately fill out all required information without any mistakes.
  • Confirmation: After submitting your appeal, you should receive a confirmation or acknowledgment of your submission. In case you didn’t receive any confirmation code, you can reperform the process.
  • Await the Appeal Outcome: Patiently wait for the outcome of the appeal process. SASSA will review your case, and you will be notified of the decision regarding your appeal. Try to not disturb authorities by making them phone calls.

Prompt Action and Waiting Time for Appeal

You can consider the following necessary steps after you make an appeal for your grant application to SASSA.

actions to perform after you make sassa appeal
perform these actions after appeal
  • Lodge your appeal within the stipulated 30-day period following the initial rejection.
  • Be aware that the process of reviewing your appeal can take up to a maximum of 90 days before a decision is reached.
  • It’s important to note that a considerable number of applicants have experienced successful outcomes with their appeals, resulting in approved payments.

Application for Monthly Revaluation

SASSA has officially announced that in case the application of any appealing person keeps on rejecting every month’s consideration, you can without any problem resubmit the appeal every month after, this will be completely ethical.

Keep in mind if you are experiencing delays in the acknowledgments, then you don’t have to resubmit or re-appeal, it will be acknowledged on time, meanwhile, keep patience.

SASASSA also provides you a facility to update SASSA application if you’ve followed SASSA online application process. Remember, use the updating feature only if you’ve made any spelling or numerical mistakes in your application.

Also, you can only use it before your application officially reaches the SASSA verification team.


  1. There is zero mistake tolerance in SASSA appeal, so try your best to make no mistakes while doing this, or your appeal may be rejected.
  2. Avoid appealing for your rejected application multiple times, multiple appeal submissions won’t increase your chances of acceptance.
  3. Avoid appointing an agent or a procurator for this task, do it yourself, and talk to SASSA only if you face any problem.
  4. Don’t appeal through 3rd party apps or websites, use only the official SASSA portal for this purpose.
  5. Your appeal must show a valid reason to convince SASSA professionals to accept it.
  6. Avoid fake proofs because SASSA has the right to verify them.


What information do I have to provide when lodging an online appeal for a declined SRD R350 Grant with SASSA?

You will only need your Nation ID Card, your registered Phone number, and most importantly your appeal reference number.

How much time does it take for SASSA to process and respond to my online appeal for a declined SRD R350 Grant?

Processing time is completely different for each and every person appealing, it all depends on the convenience of the working team at the backend who are 24 hours facilitating recipients. So if you have applied for an appeal, it can take some time, in the meanwhile you have to patiently wait for your turn.

What if my application isn’t accepted after an appeal?

If this is the case, you can reapply for SASSA grant, but before you go for reapply, at least try once appeal to SASSA with improved requirements of the application.

How to change sassa appeal reason?

If you’ve submitted a wrong reason in your appeal. you can immediately use the facility of the SASSA update application.

How many days does SASSA appeal take?

after you successfully submit your appeal, it can take up to 30 days for further processing, sometimes a little more if the load is more on the SASSA verification team.

SASSA Status Check

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    1. Hello Jenny, you can contact on official SASSA number 0800601011, you can also contact them on WhatsApp.

    1. Hello Abidemi, Yes you can visit their physical office nearest to your in order to appeal the agency offline, you can ask at the counter your query about appealing to SASSA and they may provide you with a form whihc you have to fill correctly and submit as the same counter. Make sure if you feel any confusion filling your appeal form, you can ask to the person sitting at counter for further guidance and help. Also keep in mind that you must be appealing after rejection or waiitng for at least 30 days after you submit your first application for grant.

  1. please tell me what documents or evidence is usually required to support a appeal? I recently received a rejection of my application.

    1. Hi Masejo, please clearly read the letter of objection you received from SASSA through post or may be through email. Check the highlight due to which your application is rejected and improve your application with requirements next time you reapply or make an appeal. If the agency has demanded any specific document from you through the objection letter, must provide that document. Also don’t forget to show transparency in every detail to provide to them, this will increase your chances of success. If you’re facing rejection due to any incompliance with your income, you can check income criteria here

    1. Hi, It is better to consider appeal first if you really think your application is allright will all the requirements, making an appeal to the agency looks more professional before going for a reapplication.

    1. Hi Kelesta, their can be many reasons because of which your application is taking so long, please seek help from the representative at SASSA by contacting here 0800601011.

    1. Hi Magendo, there is no any specific criteria to be eligible for making an appeal to the agency, but your application must be rejected or declined from the agency, but keep in mind you must appear better with all requirements when you are appealing the organization. Clearly read the eligibility and criteria of the grant for which you’re applying and present them as the way SASSA demands.

    1. Hello Monacasa, when it comes to filing your appeal, you have the flexibility to do so at any time during the week following the rejection. There isn’t a specific timeframe that dictates the optimal period for submitting your appeal, providing you with the convenience to initiate the process according to your schedule.

      Whether you choose to appeal early in the week or towards the end, the key is to ensure that you adhere to the deadlines outlined by the SASSA. Taking the time to compile a comprehensive and well-documented appeal is very much important, so feel free to allocate the necessary time and attention to present your case effectively to the agency.

      Remember, the absence of a specific time allows you to carefully review the reasons for the rejection and gather any additional supporting documentation or information that may strengthen your appeal. By approaching the process with thoroughness and attention to detail, you increase the likelihood of receiving a favorable response from SASSA.

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