How SASSA Reinstate Declined Application

How SASSA Reinstate Declined Application

This is very normal to be rejected after applying for any SASSA grant, but the good news is you can easily appeal an SASSA decision within the next 30 days of rejection, you will be provided by the reason for the decline from SASSA officials.

The process is really simple and can be completed within just a few steps and some minutes. After you complete the process, you should receive the reason stating documents from an official at your home.

SASSA Reinstate Declined Application  

Before you take any step ahead to appeal, for a better experience, you can clear your browser caching.

  • To apply for an appeal, simply visit the official SASSA website from this link
  • Then simply apply for reconsideration using the button and provide the necessary details.
  • After you complete all the processes for reconsideration, after some time your application reaches the SASSA official, now you can check the SASSA status using the online app.
  • You can also apply for SASSA reconsideration manually by using the official Toll-Free number 0800 60 10 11. 


Please note that the process at the end of SASSA official can take up to 3 weeks or sometimes more, so pass this waiting time with patience. 

Possible Reasons for Application Denial

There can be certain reasons that SASSA declined your application, to reinstate the declined application, you can common reasons for declined application on our site.

reasons for sassa application declined
reasons why your application can be declined
  1. You have provided incomplete information to SASSA.
  2. provided an Inaccurate or wrong document.
  3. Your criteria with the grant aren’t meeting (choose the right grant for yourself).
  4. Document attachments are incomplete or fake.
  5. Havent submitted under deadline

Schedules and Outstanding Reasons

It is important to manage your expectations concerning the SASSA reinstatement process. Please be aware that the reconsideration process may require up to three weeks for completion, and the pending status could endure for approximately 14 days before receiving a final confirmation so be patient meanwhile. We encourage you to stay informed and maintain patience during the application review period.


What does “SASSA Reinstate Declined Applications” mean?

For the grant application that is previously denied by SASSA, the SASSA official evaluates and revaluates an application that was declined previously, this process is known as SASSA reinstate decline application. 

Can I check the reinstatement status?

Yes, you can check the status by using this tool, moreover SASSA after reviewing your query will also send documentation of possible reasons for denial on your address.

What if my application gets approved during the reinstatement process?

Suppose your application gets approved during reinstatement, you will start receiving SASSA grants.

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