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Lost SASSA Reference Number | How to Know SASSA Reference Number

SASSA reference number is a unique number assigned by SASSA to you for various post-application trackings or many other things related to your SASSA application. It’s an important number to keep safe with you for further verifications.

There are certain things that can be verified through the SASSA reference number like for changing banking details, reapplication for SASSA, or appealing to SASSA due to various reasons. It’s obvious to lose this number which many people do, but a good thing is that there’s a solution if you lose the SASSA reference number.

Keep calm, it’s just a 2-3 step process to know your SASSA reference number which may take you 2 or 3 minutes to retrieve from the official SASSA database. Bear with us and read all the steps given below to find your reference number in no time.

Find Your Lost SASSA Reference Number Following These Steps

Before you follow the steps for your SASSA reference number, ensure this process needs your smartphone or any other phone with a South African registered SIM card.

steps to find sassa lost reference number
find your lost sassa reference
  • Unlock your phone and dial this special SSD code *120*3210#.
  • A window will pop on your screen asking for your registered South African phone number and your National ID card, type all these details that you used at the time of the SASS online application process.
  • Your reference number will be notified through SMS on the same phone you used for this.
  • For security reasons, make sure you don;t share this number with anyone.


Please note that entering even a single wrong digit of your National ID card or Phone number for reference will not tell you your reference number, put details carefully because it’s a case-sensitive process.


Is there any hidden fee for checking your reference number?

No, It’s a completely free process to check your SASSA reference number, your network provider may charge you a small amount for messaging the SSD code.

How can I prevent my reference number from being lost?

To keep your reference number safe, save it in a file or write it somewhere in a notepad where it’s accessible easily, also you can be aware of your number.

Is it possible to retrieve my reference number through online resources?

It is currently not possible to know your reference number online using your computer or laptop, you have to follow the process from your phone using your sim card network.

Is it possible to check the SASSA status using your reference number?

The process for SASSA status check just needs your National ID number and registered phone number, there is no need for a reference number in checking SASSA status.

For more information:

call 0800601011
email [email protected]

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    1. It won’t be same, your reference number even for your existing grant will be different every type you request the system to generate it, will be unique.

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