how to unblock sassa card

How to Unblock SASSA Card 

If you are an old beneficiary of SASSA or a new one, you will be aware of the SASSA smart card that in recent years SASSA has launched to facilitate grant holder in terms of withdrawing their payments from banks using this card.

If we go back in time this facility wasn’t introduced by SASSA, but now it’s a thing that can describe the importance of beneficiaries for SASSA as a humanitarian agency. If you are a SASSA card holder, Including many other problems related to this you might have faced the blockage of your SASSA card.

There are many reasons why your card can be blocked, by we as experienced persons are here to help you come out through this situation. After this, you will be completely educated about how to unblock your SASSA card in a matter of a few steps.

How to Unblock Your SASSA Card Stepwise

Remember that SASSA card blockage can be due to many reasons, and there is not a one-fix-all all procedure you can perform to unblock your card, you first have to figure out the problem with your card and take necessary steps according to that problem.

steps to unblock sassa card
follow these steps to unblock your sassa card
  • Technical Issue Blockage: it’s a rare case, but sometimes your card can be blocked due to technical faults in the SASSA’s systems. In this case, you can visit your nearest SASSA office and explain your problem, the SASSA team will ask for some documents from you for authentication and unblock your card. This case rarely happens when SASSA updates its systems from technical aspects.
  • Multiple Wrong PIN Entries: If you’ve entered and punched your wrong PIN code multiple times in any ATM you can face a temporary blockage of your SASSA card. You can use your registered phone number in this case to reset your PIN and you’ll be out of this problem. In this case, you don’t have to visit the SASSA office.
  • Limits Exceeded: we all know SASSA allows only limited withdrawal in the time frame of a day, so if you’ve tried to withdraw your money multiple times using your card at an ATM, you’ll also face a card blockage. In this situation you don’t have to do any steps or visit the SASSA office, simply wait for 24 hours and you’ll be then able to withdraw your money using your card. It’s a temporary blockage that normally lasts for some hours, sometimes you can also withdraw your money after 12 AM of the day when the day and date changes.
  • No Grant Received: if you failed to receive your grant payment on paydays that SASSA has announced officially, in such cases your card can also be blocked. This isn’t a very serious issue, you can use the SASSA WhatsApp number and ask them about your problem, they will ask for some of your personal details and unblock your card.
  • Card Lost: if you lost SASSA card and reported SASSA through affidavit of lost card, in this case, SASSA team is liable to block your old card. You can apply for a new SASSA card and start withdrawing your money.
  • Card Expiration: keep in mind that SASSA has introduced the expiry date of the card you can see the expiry date on the below section of your card, if it’s expired you can renew your SASSA card following the renewal procedure. In this case, your presence at the SASSA office will be mandatory.
  • Fraud Detected: if you’ve attempted any illegal activity against the SASSA system and SASSA detected it, your card can also be blocked in this situation.

Reasons Why your SASSA Card is Blocked

Here we’ve discussed potential reasons from above due to which card blockage can happen. You can prevent such things if you don’t want to face card blockage.

reasons for sassa card blockage
reasons why sassa card blockage happens
  • Multiple times wrong pin entries for money withdrawal at ATM.
  • Haven’t collected your timely payments from SASSA monthly disbursal.
  • Technical faults in SASSA’s system.
  • Expiration of your card according to the mentioned date on the card.
  • Exceeding the daily withdrawal limits.

Precautionary Measures to Keep Your Card Safe from Blockage

  • Don’t trick SASSA with any fraud activity or any foolproof while applying for a SASSA grant or any facility that SASSA provides to its citizens.
  • If your card’s expiry date is near like 1 or 2 weeks after, you can still visit SASSA office for pre-renewal of your card.
  • Keep your registered SASSA phone number ON and don’t forget to see new notifications on your phone. In this case, you’ll not miss receiving your monthly payment from SASSA.
  • Withdraw the full available limit or a little bit less than the daily withdrawal limit. If you need more, you can visit the ATM the day after one withdrawal.
  • From a technical point of view take care of the golden or silver chip on your SASSA card, to keep it safe, you can put it in a soft leather wallet and avoid putting the wallet in your back pocket. Try to not share your card’s sensitive details with anyone unless the person is very closely related to you.


How do I know if my SASSA card is blocked?

SASSA normally notifies you through SMS to beneficiaries about the card blockage, but still, if you want to know whether your SASSA card is blocked, you can simply go to the ATM and punch your card, the ATM will display a message that your card is blocked.

Which temporary card blockage is the shortest blockage?

The blockage you face from exceeding the daily withdrawal limit can be one of the shortest temporary blockages.

Is it possible to unblock my SASSA card online?

If there isn’t a temporary blockage of your card, in such cases there isn’t any such facility yet introduced by SASSA to unblock it online. However, if your card is blocked temporarily, you can contact SASSA through their WhatsApp number to unblock it.

What necessary information do I need to unblock my card?

Your name as registered in SASSA documents, your registered phone number, and most importantly your ID number can be asked from you to provide for unblocking your blocked card.

Is card unblocking service paid or free?

There is no any hidden or publicly mentioned charges for unblocking your card as almost all services of SASSA are free.

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