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How to Appoint a SASSA Procurator

SASSA procurator can be appointed for various tasks related to your social grant or SASSA application in case you’re unable to perform a specific task due to certain reasons.

We’ve discussed in this article whether you should allocate your SASSA related tasks to your private procurator or anyone in first relation to you.

Before you know more about this, one important thing to remember is that SASSA don’t recommend any procurator or private agent to give your tasks, you should always try to solve all your queries related to your grant without involving any third party.

Still if you need a procurator to solve your task, first you need to know what tasks can be provided to a SASSA procurator or agent, this will ensure your privacy of your sensitive details with your procurator.

What a SASSA Procurator Can Do?

Remember, your first or blood relation like your child, brother, sister, wife, and husband can also be appointed as a procurator. A SASSA procurator can be appointed to perform various tasks on your behalf as follow:

  • You can appoint a procurator for applying for a specific SASSA grant on your behalf or to make SASSA appeal if you recently faced a rejection.
  • If you need to make any change or update any information in your application that you’ve recently submitted to SASSA, this can include various tasks like changing bank accounts or changing phone numbers.
  • In case you want to perform SASSA status check, but for any reason you’re not able to do this, you still can appoint a procurator. 
  • If for an authentication or verification SASSA has appointed a meeting with you to conduct answers of some questions, in this case you can appoint an agent or procurators, but don’t forget to issue an attorney, this will give a legal permission to that person to deliver answers on your behalf.
  • If for verification SASSA required some additional documents from your, this can also be case for appointment of a procurator.
  • A procurator can also be appointed to held general queries like you’ve any problem with your grant and you want the answer from SASSA official through official means.

Should You Appoint SASSA Procurator?

According to SASSA, there isn’t any official statement that proves that you should appoint a procurator for yourself, as all SASSA approval procedures are really simple to perform.

Still if you need to appoint one, you should give first priority to your blood relation or your close relation if possible.

If there is no possibility you can appoint your first close relation as a procurator, you should always go with a trusted person who gives this service in your area, you can take reviews from other SASSA beneficiaries of that specific procurator or agent.

It’s always recommended to involve paperwork of agreement and attorney as well between you and the procurator, this will ensure your security and delivery of you work at the end without any objection from the SASSA..

Precautions for Procurator Appointment

  1. It will always be a better and safer method to get an attorney document for a procurator if the procurator isn’t in your first relation, or you’ve appointed a local procurator in assisting your tasks.
  2. If for a strong reason you’ve to give your ID and password of your SASSA account, you must change your login details like the password of your account after your task is done by the procurator.
  3. After the completion of your task, make sure the bank account attached with your SASSA grant disbursal is yours, if you see any other person’s account, immediately change it to yours banking details (this is a rare case as SASSA is highly sensitive in ensuring each and every  detail of the beneficiary).

It will always be a better and safer option to solve all SASSA related queries yourself with direct interaction to the SASSA team working day and night to assist you, or to appoint the person in first relation to you as a SASSA procurator. 

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