why you should check your sassa status regularly

Importance of Regularly Checking Your SASSA Status

Millions of SASSA beneficiaries exist in today’s date in South Africa getting benefits from this agency safe and sound. At the same time, there is a huge number of beneficiaries who after approval don’t take seriously the importance of checking their grant status.

Back in time when there was no facility for beneficiaries to see their grant status online, people used to visit SASSA offices to check about the current status of their grant.

With the incorporation of IT technologies with the systems of SASSA, now SASSA has made it easy for its people to easily see their statuses.

Reasons Why You Should Check Your Grant Status Regularly

I think, there shouldn’t be any serious reason that insists you check your status, but it’s always important if you’re a SASSA beneficiary, your life may be at some point dependent on SASSA grants.

So here are some reasons, why should stay updated about the current status of your grant application. In general, this will allow you to see if any problems with your application need to be resolved as soon as possible.

importance of checking sassa status on regular basis
importance of checking sassa status on a regular basis
  • Update of Potential Problems: as the status check reveals a lot about your grant application, looking into the details of your status will allow you to see if there is any serious problem with your grant application that needs to be resolved quickly to avoid delays in your payment receipt process.
  • Look into Payment Dates: when you enter your details to look at your status, there are other details the status checker delivers in the most important thing is the payment dates of grants, and most of the beneficiaries are interested in these details more than any else.
  • Peace of Mind: When you regularly checkup your status, it ultimately gives a peace of mind. The more you’re informed about your status or the payment dates, the more peaceful you could be, because in this way you may get easy at budgeting your monthly expenses.
  • Finance Management: it will allow you to make your monthly spending or budgeting for groceries easy. It can also make you sure more about the things you’re going to spend your money on. When you’re not sure about the finances at backup, you may not be sure about the things in which you’ve to invest on a monthly basis.
  • Delay Prevention: if there is any problem arises with your application, checking into your status allows you to solve them. There is a large number of people face suspension of grant, so if a similar case arises with you, you can swiftly make a decision suitable.
  • Application Approval Confirmation: this is applicable to new applicants of SASSA who got approval for their application recently. New SASSA beneficiary can check their status to see the payment dates for their grants. If you’re a new SASSA beneficiary, we recommend you to check your status at least after a week of approval, as most of the new beneficiaries face no pay dates issue when they check the status of the newly approved applications.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention: we aren’t fraud proofs in this age, so if your SASSA money is getting transferred to someone else’s account, you may get yourself aware of the case and take prior action. SASSA’s system is almost foolproof, but still, when there is a system, there is vulnerability. If such a case arises you might see suspension or rejection of a continued application. Keep calm in this situation and talk to SASSA helpline using this number 0800601011. In most of such cases, SASSA might arrange your interview for clarifications after which you’re good to go with your grant.
  • Awareness of Policy Changes: SASSA is a very proactive agency in spreading awareness or news of their policy changes if there are any. If you regularly check your grant status, you may be one of the target audiences of SASSA to inform about their policy changes, but this happens rarely. Not only through official platforms, you may also receive such policy change information from other media.
  • Awareness of Payments Changes: as being cognitive about the ongoing inflation in the country, SASSA keeps changing the amount of grants it pays to its beneficiaries in South Africa. With this, SASSA may also make slight changes in the payment dates every year, so if you’re connected with the status check stuff, you’ll be informed about this. 
  • News Updates: whether you’re connected only to the internet to check your status or other stuff related to SASSA, you might get targeted through web cookies about the important news updates related to SASSA.

Precautions While Checking Grant Status

Whether you’re an old SASSA beneficiary or a newly approved beneficiary, here are some precautionary measures you’ve to keep in mind while checking your status.

  1. While checking, make sure you’re checking your status from an authoritative platform online.
  2. Always try to hide your ID and phone number that is used to check your status from other people, if someone claims that he/she knows about SASSA and will help you in checking your status, don’t share your ID and Phone number that you’ve submitted in SASSA grant application or used while making account onSASSA website.
  3. If your status shows any problem with your application, try not to seek any help from an unauthorized person out of SASSA. Try to figure out and solve it yourself, or if the problem seems serious contact directly to SASSA office without involving any third person.

Final Thoughts

All these steps will not only ensure your safety, but you’ll also be aware of many other things that matter a lot in your whole SASSA grant journey. In a nutshell, stay updated and informed about your grant every time.

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