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What to do if Your SASSA SRD Grant is Suspended

SASSA grant of many people can be suspended due to many unknown reasons, but we will be discussing potential reasons that can cause this problem and guiding you what to do if your SASSA SRD grant is suspended.

Some reasons causing SASSA SRD grant suspension can be solved, but there are also some reasons that have no solution. If you are authentic and a 100% legit applicant, then you don’t need to worry about it.

In very rare cases when SASSA suspects an applicant is a fraudulent person, then only in this case the problem is unsolvable. 

Reasons if Your SASSA SRD Grant is Suspended

Here are some common reasons and their solutions reported by SASSA beneficiaries who’ve gone through grant suspension.

  • By Mistake: in many cases, SASSA officials mistakenly put grant suspension tags on some beneficiaries, this problem is common and can be solved by just following a few steps.

    To solve this, you can simply contact the SASSA WhatsApp number or their official number 0800601011, and ask them about the problem.
  • Outdated Details: if you’ve changed your banking details, or have changed your phone number in your application and the system for some reason haven’t updated such details in the master copies of SASSA. In this situation, if a SASSA worker notices something different, he/she can suspend your grant.

    You can solve this, by making an appeal to SASSA in which you’ve to mention the previous changes you’ve done.
  • Fraud Detected: if an applicant is detected fooling the system of SASSA by providing wrong details or anything like foolproofing, this can cause a permanent suspension of your application which has no solution.

    SASSA is very active about people who try to fraud, and if the issue is very serious and reaches the higher authorities at SASSA, the SASSA can take legal action against the applicant.

In case your grant is suspended due to any reason, and you haven’t taken any prior action to get this problem solved. In such a case SASSA might put your record in the depth of their stacks which can create problems for you to get these issues resolved.
In this situation, you can reapply for SASSA from scratch with all the required things and similar process as you follow in SASSA online application. Make sure you apply correctly with 100% accurate details.

For More Information:

Call: 0800601011
Email: [email protected]

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