is sassa an ngo


SASSA works very similar to an NGO but its not actually, its a completely GO or a government-supervised organization that work for humans.

It works like an NGO in a way that it doesn’t designed for profit, but for only providing financial assistance to needy people in South Africa.

Its a fact that there is a huge workforce working in SASSA with the title government employees, they all need monthly salaries to live their lives.

The SASSA only needs a little income for itself or the salaries it provides to the workers at SASSA who are working to achieve the mission of SASSA.

The rest of the money SASSA has after providing salaries to its employees goes into the recipients of SASSA or beneficiaries enrolled for grants.

One more expense that SASSA bears is the operation cost of the organization which includes the electricity cost or the monthly electricity consumption within SASSA offices.

This operational cost also includes the technology cost that SASSA implemented in its systems for better communication with beneficiaries.

This technology cost is mostly for the cutting-edge information technology system it installed some years back like online SASSA status app is one of them.

No doubt that SASSA invested a huge amount in its technical systems, but this has also paved the ways in a better experience for beneficiaries which not only saved the time but also many other resources that SASSA may consuming before with minimal output.

But all the technical costs that SASSA bears can be considered as one-time costs as no huge recurring costs SASSA has to bear.

How SASSA is Operational

SASSA as a government organization operates merely on the tax revenue it get from the taxes of the businesses South Africans are running.

These businesses mostly include local businesses and very few international businesses Afrikaans running with local registration.

You might be surprised that South Africa has one of the biggest economies which is possible due to the large number of businesses Africans are running in South Africa as a developed country.

This might not be public buzzword, but it’s true that SASSA under government supervision is the only organization in the world very wisely utilizing the taxes of citizens.

This can be one reason from many that SASSA has continued flourishing from its day of foundation due to its positive vision and mission.

One more important thing, SASSA isn’t completely relying on the taxes the SA government deducts from citizens, but also there is a huge number of Africans who are donating their personal money to SASSA and taking part in it positive mission.

In conclusion of all this, SASSA is a complete GO and if you’re interested in having any SASSA grant, you can apply online for SASSA and start receiving grants.

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