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How SASSA Can Benefit From ITIS Geoportal

Today at we’re going to discuss how SASSA as a financial agency can get an advantage from ITIS Geoportal in South Africa.

Before we go into detail about this, it’s important that you first know what geospatial tools are, these are information technology tools used to analyze and map geographical human societies in a country.

SASSA is now almost completely dependent on information technology after its online operations a few years back.

It can enhance its overall operations by leveraging ITIS in its systems, by using the amazing attributes of this technology SASSA can gain more features and make SASSA more lucrative for its beneficiaries.

Let’s look into how SASSA can harness itself using ITIS and better serve its beneficiaries in South Africa.

Grant Delivery or Distribution Optimization

Using the NGI portal system, SASSA can effectively manage regions in the country that are dense with population and highly in need of social grants.

This technology can help SASSA significantly in perfect geospatial analysis by mapping and bifurcating densely populated areas with their income levels or financial statuses.

Information Service Enhancement

By the integration of Bing and Google Maps, SASSA can reach out to exactly those remote targetted areas without investing much resources or within the online portal and can visualize data of the infrastructure.

This can allow SASSA better reach out to those vulnerable societies in the country who are still not aware of this social grant scheme.

Relief in Response to Natual Disaster

Any country can be a target of natural disasters, a country like South Africa has a history of natural disasters due to its geolocation. We also know SASSA with these social grants has also played its part in facilitating citizens in such disasterous situations like COVID-19.

By using ITIS as a cutting-edge technology tool, SASSA can also visualize the affected areas in the country if any natural disaster happens and can effectively provide its social services to the affected areas

Mapping Illiterate Societies

There is a still huge illiterate population in South Africa, there can be thousands of people who need such grants but due to their illiteracy they don’t know how to apply for Sassa grants and also they may be from highly remote areas where SASSA offices aren’t serving yet.

SASSA can use this amazing tool to map out the illiteracy population in the country to reach those people and assist them.

Policy Crafting and Decision Making 

When SASSA launched status checking tool for beneficiaries, it was all the result of the data SASSA has collected in its years of service, SASSA decided to launch this tool when they noticed beneficiaries were visiting their offices for information related to their grant applications.

But this was all done manually, when we have ITIS systems, SASSA can smartly study user behaviors and craft its policy accordingly for the betterment of its future.

This can greatly impact the framework of SASSA and can help improve its innovation part for the facility of beneficiaries.

Improvement of Administrative Process

With all the real-time benefits of ITIS, SASSA can also have the opportunity to look into the previous data of the applicants, like how many SASSA appeals are pending and how many are in the queue.

This can be beneficial for the staff working at SASSA, as they can quickly retrieve the selected data related to a beneficiary from their large systems with the capability to capture and download the particular information with the use of ESRI Shape file for better data management abilities.

Final Thoughts

This NGI Geospatial Geoportal is more than what you think, large organizations in developed countries have already implemented it, and we can expect soon SASSA will also look into this matter for the betterment of not only its own systems but also for the betterment of the services it provides to beneficiaries as the main goal for this humanitarian agency is to put its citizens first.

This missing part from SASSA can truly make it an organization that cares about the pains of people and become true grant provider of social relief of distress.

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