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SASSA Introduced QMS for Beneficiaries and Applicants

Along with the entrance of SASSA into technological advancements in their systems, still people have some instances of dealing with SASSA directly through offices in South Africa.

And we know due to a large infrastructure and the ability of SASSA to feed millions of people in South Africa, it faces long queues in their offices on a daily basis.

For the ease of beneficiaries or applicants, SASSA has introduced in recent year the QMS Queue Management System, now people interested in SASSA will not have to wait long in queues.

Most of the old or continued SASSA beneficiaries are aware of this system, but if you’re a new beneficiary of SASSA or going to be one of them, this piece of information is going to be very helpful for you.

The system is very straightforward and very handy which doesn’t only save people’s precious time, but has also impacted SASSA working environment in a positive way, now SASSA workers can work more peacefully.

Let’s see how this amazing queue system introduced by SASSA works.


SASSA’s QMS is a very simple system, in simple words, it’s a ticketing or token system in which a beneficiary or an applicant generates a token or ticket from the help desk or an automated token machine.

In some SASSA offices, this ticketing system has also been automated using automatic machines that generate a ticket chit on arrival of the beneficiary at the office. But in some offices in South Africa, to use this ticketing system, you may have to first deal with a help desk officer at SASSA who will generate your token number and hand it over to you.

Now you just have to wait for your turn to get your problems solved by SASSA, until sit back and wait.

How You Can Use SASSA QMS

This management system by SASSA isn’t really hard to use, you just need to follow some steps in order to benefit from this.

how sassa qms works
working of Sassa QMS
  • Reach the SASSA office and operate the token machine, this machine is very simple to use. Just tap on the screen where ‘Generate Token’ is written.
  • You’ll see some options pop up on the screen asking you for the reasons for your visit to the SASSA office.
  • Tap on the suitable reason and the machine will generate a paper chit on which your token number or turn number will be mentioned.

Follow the steps given below if you don’t see any computerized machine at the office you’re visiting.

  • Visit the office and simply head towards the help desk officer, and ask for the token.
  • The receptionist or help desk officer will instantly generate a ticket number on your behalf and hand over to you a chit, this chit might be computer-generated or manually written.
  • See your turn number on the chit and now wait for your turn to call, until sit back in waiting area patiently.

Precautions For SASSA Visitors Using QMS

  1. Always remember to bring important documents related to your SASSA application with you when you’re visiting SASSA officials for any important query. In case you fail to get your problem solved by SASSA upon your turn, you’ll have to generate a new ticket for your turn and wait again.
  2. Be very clear and concise in presenting your problem to the SASSA official dealing with people’s problems there.
  3. To let the SASSA’s QMS system work smoothly, if you bring anyone of your friends or relatives with you, ask them to wait in in the waiting lounge while you’re dealing at the desk with an SASSA officer.
  4. After getting or generating your ticket number, patiently wait in the waiting lounge without asking for your turn to any official, once your turn is reached, your number will be called.
  5. As usual, we always encourage our stakeholders to not take any advise related to SASSA from any unauthorized person to avoid maximum scams.

If you are specifically visiting office for appeal or to know the current application status, you can do it online at home, visit SASSA status check online tool or SASSA appeal online to do such things without going out.

Final Thoughts

This queue management system by SASSA is convenient and easy to use for all beneficiaries, you’re advised to take maximum advantage of it and save your time as well as save resources of SASSA as a philanthropic organization.

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