difference between foster child and child support grant

Difference Between Foster Child and Child Support Grant

Both these SASSA grants are designed specifically to support South African children, but the major difference among both these is that foster child grant is particularly designed for children who are under the care of their non-original parents or foster parents due to certain reasons, while child support grant is designed specially for those children who are under the care of their original parents but due to poverty they are unable to meet the child’s monthly expenses.

If you’re a South African, and new to the world of SASSA grants or looking for a suitable grant scheme for your child, we will be guiding you through this about the potential differences between child support and foster child grant.

Foster Child Grant VS Child Support Grant Difference and Comparison

Basic AspectFoster Child Child Support 
BaselineApplicable to foster families or the families who are not in genetic relation to the child or taking care as a guardian. In most cases if the child’s parents are died in a accident or due to other reasons, this is for those children. Applicable to those children who may be under their genetic parent’s care, but due to certain reasons like poverty, the child’s parents are unable to meet his/her monthly expenditures.
Child Care ArrangementIn this grant the children can be found under the care of foster houses, child care centers, or foster families, but not in the care of his/her genetic parent’s care, otherwise this grant would be applicable for the child.In this, the grant, the child lives with his/her biological parents or family, but the family is not able to make child’s monthly expenses meet, if the parents fo the child are wealthy or have healthy means of income, then this wouldn’t be applicable for them.
ResponsibilityThe care responsibility and arrangement of all the stuff that a child needs in the timeframe of month is merely on the staff of child care house, foster house, or the non-biological parents of the child.The child’s care responsibility will be completely on the child’s birth parents.
Grant durationThis grant type can be permanent or temporary, it all depends on the situation of the child and the decision of the higher authorities accordingly. This generally ends when the child reaches a specific age when he or she can even make his/her own living. 
Document proofThe document proving that the child is under foster parent’s care is a mandatory thing.The document stating or proving that the child is the genetic or biological child of the parents is a must thing.
Support purposeThe base purpose of this is to maintain a healthy environment for the child who can’t live without its biological parents.The primary purpose of this is to provide a nurturing and growing environment to the child in which his/her healthy brain establishment should be maintained through financial support, so he/she can take advantage of basic necessities and grow for a better future.
Grant AmountThe grant amount paid to beneficiaries is around R1130 which can vary if the authorities want.The grant amount paid to the beneficiary in this is a monthly payment around R510 which is also variable according to economic situations and authorities.
difference between foster child and child support grant

Similarities Between Child Support and Foster Child Grant

As there are differences, there are also many similarities between these two grant types offered by SASSA.

  • Both grants possess financial benefits and come under the umbrella of same organization SASSA (South African Social Security Agency).
  • Both these are specifically designed and aimed to cater to young age children of South Africa.
  • These two grants have income criteria which is applicable on their guardians and also both these have eligibility criteria with some limitations.
  • The procedure for status checking is same for both.
  • Both can be applied online using the SASSA online application facility.
  • The are only applicable for South African child, no any other nations child can apply for this.

This differences and similarities guide for these grants will be helpful for you to figure out which grant you should apply for. There are various other things that you should know before applying for, go on the specific grant page to check the criteria and eligibility for the specific grant.

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