how much you should be earning for sassa grant

How Much Must You Earn to Qualify for SASSA Grant

Every SASSA grant is approved on the basis of specific criteria SASSA has designed. The income/salary on a monthly basis or total assets you earn must be highlighted by SASSA to check the eligibility of a person for a grant.

We have discussed the monthly and annual income limit or assets for each SASSA grant for successful approval. It doesn’t matter for which grant you are applying, every grant must have limitations for income limits.

Remember that each grant like SASSA Child Support, Care Dependency Grant, Old Age Grant, Grant-in-Aid, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, and War Veterans Grant has different income criteria which SASSA asses under SASSA means test in the approval process.

Monthly and Annual Income for SASSA Grants

Remember that your income for all grant income limits shouldn’t be exceeded otherwise, this will result in application rejection for your grant. This is applicable to both permanent as well as temporary grants.

SASSA Child Support Grant Income Criteria

The income limit criteria for a Child Support Grant is completely dependent on the person who is the guardian of the child. The income of the child guardian must not exceed R4000 on a monthly basis if the guardian is single, unmarried, or divorced.

If the Child has two guardians or they are married guardians or parents of that child, then their monthly income shouldn’t exceed R8000

SASSA Care Dependency Grant Income Criteria

As this grant is specifically designed for South African children over 18 years of age. The parents or guardians taking care of a child above 18 years shouldn’t exceed R20,800 monthly income, which should be lower than this.

If the Child’s parents are married or coupled legally, their combined monthly income must not exceed R41,600. 

Incoem Criteria SASSA Old Age Grant

The caregiver or guardian of an old age person is receiving R96,840 or less on an annual basis, then he/she can apply for an old-age grant on the old person’s behalf.

In case there are two combined persons or married couples taking care of an old age person, their combined annual income shouldn’t exceed R193,680 and on a monthly basis, it shouldn’t exceed R16,140.

Income Criteria for SASSA in-Aid Grant

For successful approval of an in-aid grant, the monthly income of the person shouldn’t cross the limit of R8 070.

If the applicants are married couples, then their monthly income shouldn’t cross R193 680.

SASSA Disability Grant Income Criteria

If the disabled person isn’t earning more than R16,140 on a monthly basis then he/she is eligible for this grant.

In case the applicants are combined or married couples, their annual combined assets value shouldn’t exceed R193,680.

SASSA Foster Child Grant

This is the only grant that doesn’t require any income threshold on a monthly or annual basis. The approval of this will be completely dependent on your legal court order with complete identification. 

Only the caregiver who is supporting the child can apply for this grant none other. You will have to prove that you are the only guardian of the foster child.

SASSA War Veterans Grant

If the applicant for the War Veterans Grant is receiving R86,280 on an annual basis then he/she will be eligible for this grant.

In the case of a married couple, they must be receiving less than or equal to R172,560 on an annual basis.

Please note that the applicants must have given service as War Veterans in the South African Armed Forces, otherwise, he/she will be rejected whether he/she opt for the SASSA online application or any other means.


SASSA keeps changing this limit according to their policy changes all with inflation. It is advised to keep your income limit below the threshold limit for successful application approvals, exceeding even a single Rand above the threshold amount might cause problems for you.


Which SASSA grant has no income limit criteria?

Only Foser Child grant is the one and only grant that doesn’t require any specific income limit.

Does SASSA count your income in Dollars or Rands?

As SASSA is specifically designed for local South African citizens, they must count this in South African Rand.

How does SASSA assess your income?

As SASSA is a government organization, they might have all the information related to South African citizens in their databases or might have tied up with other organizations in South Africa to eliminate nondeserving people. 

How does SASSA analyze your assets?

SASSA checks for the yearly appreciating value of your assets, whether they exceed the threshold limit.

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