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Common SASSA Status Errors and Their Meanings

As an SASSA beneficiary, you may encounter errors while checking your grant status, or as an old SASSA beneficiary you may have experienced many such errors but you don’t know what their meanings are.

As days pass SASSA is growing bigger than before due to its quality service for South African nations For this reason SASSA may also have to face many problems due to its increasing size, with all this there can be some ultimate errors you can see while checking your application status.

But don’t worry, we’re here to make educate enough so that you can know the actual meaning of the errors you see on your screen.

With all these errors, we don’t claim that there are only such error types exist, with these errors, there are possibilities that you may see some other error types.

Error That Can Appear While Checking SASSA Status

Here are 9 error messages and their meanings that you can experience while dealing with status checking app. 

1. Pending Review/Under Review

  • Pending Review/Under Review: this message is the most common message that SASSA applicants face when they are new applicants to SASSA. As they are new and most of them aren’t aware of this message. 
  • This simply means that your application has arrived at the SASSA processing system and is under review under the SASSA team that is verifying and confirming the details mentioned in the application and most importantly they are checking your eligibility for the grants. As they complete processing, you may see Approved OR Rejected message when you check your status.

2. Required Verification

  • Verification Required:  when SASSA holds a verification check which is part of the means test, if SASSA finds any important detail misleading or SASSA is still confused about whether that specific information is right or wrong, SASSA needs some additional verification from the applicant that can prove that the information is alright and eligible to be accepted.
  • In this case, you can simply note down that detail in SASSA is confusing or failed to verify about, provide proof of that detail to SASSA to get approval on the basis or authenticity of that detail.
  • There isn’t a guarantee that you’ll see only requirements from SASSA for the specific verification, you may see application rejection due to this most probably.

3. Incomplete Information:

Most SASSA applicants don’t care about entering their information into the SASSA application forms and miss some important boxes that requires important information. Due to this, most new applicants may face this error on their screen.

  • There isn’t any guarantee that you’ll see this message with no rejection, expect rejection with this message for your submitted application.
  • To avoid this message you must be very aware of the information the application form requires from you.

4. Ineligibility:

  • As the message speaks itself, you may not be eligible for the grant you’d apply for, or in simple word you’d applied for the wrong grant that is meant for your people type.

5. Null Payment:

  • This error message is also one of the common SASSA display errors a new applicant can face. This isn’t any serious problem, but yes the applicant only has to wait some more days for this error to vanish.
  • This error means that your application is approved but some processing is still under operation, visit this post to learn about what this message says in actual.

6. Record Not Found

  • This message will appear only if you haven’t applied yet for any SASSA grant. Mostly people who aren’t yet applicants of SASSA will see this message. You may also see this message with this tile ‘information not found’

7. Pending Payment:

  • This message is almost synonymous with approved but no payday, but this error message actually means that your application is 90% processed but 10% processing is left in which your payment is under processing. Just for some days to see disappear this message.

8. Multipe Applications Found:

  • If the SASSA application processing team sees two or more applications submitted under the same applicant name the you’re going to see this message respective of the applicant’s details you input in the status check tool.
  • In this situation, you may appeal to SASSA or you can take care while first time applying for a grant.

9. System Busy:

  • This is rare, but you may see this only when the SASSA’s system is busy facilitating other beneficiaries or applicants.
  • You can wait for some time and check back later for your status as there might be millions of beneficiaries or applicants checking their status using SASSA’s inline system.

Note: it’s important to note that SASSA sometimes does not give any errors against your application when you enter your details to check your status. This happens only when SASSA finds any serious problem with your application or they might find you as suspicious or fraudulant person.

Final Thoughts

Above are some common error messages people connected with SASSA experience. If you see any new error message or a message that looks unclear to you against your details, you can contact SASSA and ask for clarification.

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