reasons for sassa grant supension

Potential Reasons That Lead to Grant Suspension 

Unfortunately, a day comes in some SASSA beneficiaries’ lives that when they check their grant status the status shows suspended and everything seems broken.

This is a reality that you can face in some cases only if their is something seriously wrong with your application.

I’ll be here emphasizing some points that you must take care of while you’re a beneficiary of SASSA and actively receiving money from it.

These points will ensure the safety of your grants and application and ensure that you receive your money safely and sound in your bank account.

Reasons That Can Suspend Your Grant Application

Here are some potential reasons that lead to the suspension of your grant, you need to be very careful about these in order to be a long-term SASSA beneficiary.

  • Fraud Detected: if you’re detected as a fraudulent person or the person who tried to manipulate the system of SASSA, you’ll be suspended from SASSA and will not get a chance to reply to SASSA, be transparent and authentic person to SASSA.
  • Duplicate Application: in case SASSA professionals find two applications in your name or you’d try to get multiple SASSA grants, this can also be very risky and put your application on risks, if you’ve did this by mistake. Immediately report this to SASSA.
  • Mistake Found: most often due to this reason the suspension occurs by mistake from any SASSA professional. If any SASSA worker founds any typo or name mistake in your application your grant will be put on suspension. It’s rare because if you application has any mistake its gets identified at the time of application approval, so if any SASSA woker reverifies your application details this could only happens then.
  • Non-Compliance: at a later stage if your details have been changed significantly like in the case of a child support grant, the child is now mature and you haven’t updated this important information to SASSA, so your grant will be suspended as of now your child isn’t complying with the SASSA criteria and policy.
  • Financial Status Changed: in case your financial status has changed significantly like now you’re a stable person in terms of finances and SASSA has detected dit through other sources.
  • Violated Country’s Law: if SASSA has found you involved in any illegal activity due to which you’re charged by the state government, SASSA will suspend your grant. Be kind, stay humble, and take care of your country by following the Laws.
  • Income Threshold Exceeded: even if your normal income sources have exceeded the threshold amount on the basis of which SASSA is providing your financial assistance, you’ll be suspended.
  • Failed To Olblige: even if you failed to obligate the SASSA rules after the successful approval of your grant that shows your unauthenticity to SASSA can lead to suspension of application.

Try your best to avoid all such mistakes if you want to be a long-term beneficiary of SASSA, you can also read in detail what should you do in the case of suspension.

In case nothing is in your case from these points you can appeal to SASSA by following the rules and regulations of appeal. 

You can also arrange you interview with SASSA to clarify your point to prove yourself as the one authentic and the deserving citizen.

Appeal isn’t the final thing, you may also be asked to proceed with a new SASSA application or reapply.

Precautions To Avoid Suspension

  1. Keep updating SASSA on a regular basis in case of change in any detail of you.
  2. Remember to renew your grant application according to your recent or fresh details of you.
  3. Be a good citizen of South Africa, and play your role best in your dealings with SASSA.
  4. Try to be a responsible beneficiary for SASSA by fulfilling the laws SASSA has made for their applicants and beneficiaries.

Final Thoughts

Suspension of the grant is a rare case, if you;re doing all thing the right way and managing everything properly related to your application, you’re good to go and have no need to worry about it.

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