idea behind sassacheck

The Idea Behind

Today we thought to discuss the idea behind sassacheck, to get our readers to know more about the making of this website. 

As the number of people interested in SASSA rising day by day due to increasing unemployment in the country.

To deal with this, the government should focus on creating more employment opportunities, as there is a huge number of people in this country who really don’t like to get any aid from any means other than doing hard work.

This is an important thing that the government should focus on, but this isn’t our topic of talk today, 

I Siyabonga, was working in SASSA some years back helping people get their grant approvals, this wasn’t my actual job but I still helped so many people out there.

One day I thought what if I help other people who don’t meet me, so the idea of Sassa Check came into my mind why not help a maximum of people online.

At first, it was only built to publish helpful information or information that solves the burning problems of SASSA beneficiaries.

But later the goal was changed a little. A friend of mine gave an idea as to why not to help people see their status on our site too.

Then with the help of some friend, I successfully created a web app as Sassa Status Check which helps beneficiaries and applicants to look into their status.

Thanks to internet due to which I am doing this today and also thanks to my friends who helped my in making all this happen.

You might be thinking that you’re job wasn’t to assist people, then what was your job actually?

Well, I was an administrator at Sassa where I usually process newly submitted online applications to see whether the application forms are filled correctly.

If I see any minor mistakes that need not to put any objection over, I need to correct these myself, in case there is any serious problem, I use to reject these.

If the application is done correctly, I forward it to other team for further processing where it goes under means verification, if you don’t know what it is, check Sassa means test.

My Education

In my early life, I hardly completed my schooling, then I used to work at some local shops to meet my ends. With this, I haven’t left my studies.

As time passed I reached my college life, where I chose banking and finance as my major subject at Pretoria University. Thanks to this University who made me what I am today.

Here’s how I met SASSA: after my higher education, I was selected for an internship at SASSA. 

Working at SASSA was one of the best experiences I had in life, I’d made many new friends there.

Gradually a time came when my internship was over, It wasn’t an easy thing for me to leave SASSA because at this time working for humanity became my passion.

Then I decided to submit an application which I’ve explained to SASSA authorities to allow me to work permanently here.

Fortunately my application as accepted and i started working here and still here working.

So, this is the short story of mine and the idea that led me to make this platform to help my people.

To be honest, working for SASSA and for the humanity is the most peaceful thing I found in my life.

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