sassa payment for december

SASSA Payment Dates for December 2024

SASSA payments for December have been announced by SASSA in official statements. SASSA advises you to keep note of December payment dates to receive your grant payments timely.

The SASSA works hard to maintain the grant payments with their dates keeping in mind the monthly needs of South Africans due to which almost all month’s payments dates are usually at the start of the month.

The agency warns all beneficiaries to take advice from third parties and not follow the rumors of changing pay dates. Note that all SASSA payment dates are scheduled officially which no beneficiary can do according to himself/herself.

As SASSA pays at the start of the month for all grants, for December, it also pays at the very beginning of the month so SASSA beneficiaries can receive their payments before the Christmas holidays and enjoy their holidays safe and sound fulfilling their needs.

SASSA Pay Days for December 2024

To get your timely payments in your hands, you’re advised to visit your ATMs or other officially announced payment points. If you’re having any issues related to your ATM card or any other issue with your application, try to solve it quickly or you might face inconvenience receiving your money.

Old Age Grant3 December 2024
Disability Grant4 December 2024
Other SASSA Grants5 December 2024
sassa payment for December

>> Also know January dates.

If you want to face less crowded ATMs receiving your grant money, you can visit your payment points a day after the official release of all grant payments.

All SASSA grants have their different payment dates, please read carefully the payday of your SASSA grant. Also note that, if you failed to withdraw your payment from your SASSA account for a long period of time, SASSA might consider it as a dormant account and can reverse your payment.

december weekend payments will be processed on upcoming upcoming workdays

SASSA Payment Amounts

All the financial grants that SASSA offers to South Africans are different in terms of their payments, it’s compulsory for you to choose the right grant for yourself.

Child Support GrantR480
Care Dependency GrantR1990
Foster Child GrantR1070
War Veterans GrantR2010
Old Age GrantR1990
Disability GrantR1990

Once your SASSA application is approved for a specific grant, you may not change your grant as well as the amount payable to you using any means, so be careful in this regard.

SASSA reserves the right to change the payment amount according to inflation or payment dates according to any event.

Payment Withdrawal Precautions

  1. Once you’re confirmed about your payday, try scheduling your withdrawal visit at the ATM at least 1 week to two before.
  2. Avoid late-night ATM visits and avoid peak hours to be on the safe side with your money.
  3. Use ATM wisely and don’t allow anyone to enter your cabin.
  4. Take your card first and your cash second from the machine.
  5. Cover the machine keypad while typing your PIN knowing that it’s sensitive data.
  6. Discuss technical issues with only staff on duty at that bank.
  7. Try avoiding eye contact with strangers at ATMs and also don’t accept help offers from any civilian.
  8. Once you take your cash in your hand, set out and don’t stop anywhere unless you reach home, and try returning your home from crowded areas.
  9. Convince your close family member to go with you at the ATM as a companion.
  10. Keep yourself updated on SMS alerts on your phone regarding transactions.

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