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SASSA Grant Renewal Complete Process

As a new SASSA beneficiary, you might be wondering about the SASSA grant renewal process or maybe you’ve heard this from someone else in your network.

If you’re here to learn how you can renew your SASSA grant, the question is, does it really need to be renewed after regular allocated intervals, or does it one time?

The shortest answer to this yes it does requires and it doesn’t at the same time. Yes, there are some SASSA grants that are once approved you don’t need to worry about the renewal.

At the same time, there are some SASSA grants that actually needs renewal or reapproval after a year or at a specific event.

You have to treat the grants the same as you were treated before for the grants that need renewal after every expiry, You have to check approval status and follow all the SASSA guidelines as you doing before.

For your understanding it will be showing here only how you can renew your R350 grant, for the rest of the grants that need renewal, you need to follow the exact same steps as you followed while applying for that grant the first time.

How To Renew SASSA Grant R350

Here is the basic procedure for the R350 grant, make sure for a detailed guide over it you visit the page SASSA r350 grant application process.

  • Visit the SASSA website and enter your ID number to get an OTP from SASSA.
  • Then select your suitable status as Asylum Seeker/Permit Holder, and choose this accurately according to your status.
  • Provide your SASSA file number and then enter your details in the form opened in front of your.
  • Select payment methods, and most importantly bank consent form.
  • Submit your application after checking SASSA’s terms and conditions. 

List of Grants That Need No Renewal

Here are some SASSA grants that need renewal after every expiration or a specific event that occurs.

sassa grants that require renewal
  • Old Age Grant: In the case of an older person grant, this grant needs only one-time approval or you can also say that the older person who is eligible for this grant will keep receiving the grant lifetime.
  • Disability Grant: as disability grant is highly relevant to disability likely medical conditions, the beneficiary does need an annual medical examination and get a review of that medical examination document from SASSA again for continuation of the grant.
  • Care Dependency Grant: beneficiaries of this grant need to submit a periodic review every 5 or 6 months to SASSA for the confirmation that the beneficiary still meets the eligibility. 
  • Child Support Grant: it’s compulsory for the\ guardians of the child who is receiving this grant to resubmit the updated details of the child’s guardians’ financial status, documents related to age, and various other documents that you submitted at the time of the online application process. Resubmitting such information to SASSA will ensure the resumption of this grant.
  • Foster Child Grant: similarly in this grant the child’s guardians have to resum=bmit the details of the child to SASSA to make sure SASSA that the child is still under the foster child category and is eligible to receive the grant.


What will happen if I don’t renew the grant?

In this case, SASSA can halt delivery of monthly payments into your account and you may see SASSA grant suspended status on the status tool.

Can I renew my SASSA grant online?

Yes, it’s quite possible to renew your application online, in fact, the procedure mentioned above is specific for people who want to do it online.

What documents do I need to get renewal for my grant?

The resubmission of documents needs no specific documentation, you just have to submit the same documentation as you provided at the time of application.

How long does it take for my grant renewal to be processed completely?

As SASSA treats this almost like a new application, it will take the same time as for new application processing, it can take ⅔ weeks to be processed.

Do I have to attend the interview with SASSA for grant renewal?

It’s completely up to SASSA how they process your renewal application, if SASSAdo does so, you have to visit the office for an interview.

For More Information:

Call: 0800601011
WA: 0820468553
Email: [email protected]

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