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Why SASSA is a Better Financial Support Scheme Than Others

SASSA also known as the South African Social Security Agency is one of the most famous financial grant schemes in South Africa as well as in other countries where South Africans are living overseas.

The SASSA is better due to many reasons, the general reason for its betterness is the good amount of money it pays to local South Africans on a monthly basis, let’s look at other reasons that make it one of the best financial aid schemes.

What is the purpose of SASSA

The objective and the basic purpose of SASSA will make you more clear about its goodness over over other financial grants. Its basic purpose is to eradicate poverty and improve the lifestyle of South Africans.

But this reason isn’t enough to judge its betterness or the positive impact it is created the South African society from 2005 when it was started. Let’s look at some other technical reasons that make it a better grant scheme.

  • Online Facilities: as time passed SASSA has added many facilities that you can use by just using your phone or laptop. Now you can perform the SASSA Status check online by just using your smartphone. 
  • Apply at Ease of Home: Similarly, now you’re not bound to physically go to SASSA offices as an applicant, now you can also perform SASSA online application at the ease of your home.
  • Range of Grants: SASSA is the only agency in South Africa offering a wide range of different grants such as Child Support Grant, Care Dependency Grant, Old Age Grant, in-Aid Grant, Disability Grant, Foster Child Grant, War Veterans Grant.
  • Fast Acknowledgement: people working at SASSA are highly qualified and actively keep working in highly professional environment due to which your grant application don’t be kept in a pending state for long. If you apply for SASSA you will get a quick response from them.
  • Appealing Opportunity: SASSA also offers an appealing opportunity if you application got declined due to any reason, you can appeal to SASSA with proof. Similarly, you can also reapply for SASSA multiple times.
  • Timely Payment Disbursements: SASSA doesn’t keep your payments for long, all of your grant payments will reach on date in your beneficiary account.
  • Flexibility: suppose you want to change any of your personal details in the documentation of SASSA, you can do it very easily by changing your banking details, making Change in phone number, making a grant application update, regaining your SASSA reference number, or OTP code.
  • Good Amount: SASSA pays a good amount of money in the local currency that will be enough for a middle-class member to survive easily throughout the month, moreover SASSA keeps increasing the amount of money as the inflation is rising.
  • Increasing Support Channels: SASSA also has increased many support channels to support their beneficiaries to save their time, SASSA has recently introduced support through WhatsApp to applicants.
  • Payment Methods: SASSA might be the one agency that offers a number of payment-receiving methods using bank accounts, smart wallets, or physical hard cash payments. 

There is no doubt that SASSA grants are considered as best in South Africa for certain reasons, but this doesn’t mean that all other grants for people are not good. All grants have their own benefits and criteria for approval, it is advisable to choose a grant that best suits your requirements and also fulfill the criteria of that specific grant.


Does SASSA offer any grants for students?
No, there isn’t yet any such grant introduced by SASSA that facilitates students, you can check some other grant organizations for this.

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