sassa payment methods

SASSA Payment Methods 

SASSA official payment methods are a must-know thing for new SASSA grant holders. For the ease of South African nation, SASSA has introduced multiple payments for people to collect their payments easily. We have explained all payment methods you can choose accordingly.

After reading this, you will know which payment methods best suit you according to your location and grant type in the country. We suggest you choose the payment method wisely in that you don’t have to pay more to any third party.

SASSA Payment Methods Explained

Choosing a payment method or bank isn’t a rigid process, you can change any bank details accordingly in the future if you want.

sassa approved payment methods
payment methods for sassa
  • SASSA Bank Account: this payment method is one of the excessively used and traditional methods used by people receiving SASSA grants directly to their accounts.

    This method requires you to open a bank account in any local South African bank, but most recommended banks are government banks. If you choose this method, you can easily get your payments timely in a digital account through Standard Bank or South Africa, Capitec Bank, Investec Bank, Post Bank, or any local private bank. 

    You can also withdraw your SASSA  payment using their public ATM machines using your issued SASSA card.
  • Pick N Pay: Pick N Pay is one of the widest payment networks in South Africa you can choose to get your payments from local Pick N Pay stores. This method is a minimalist and also widely known and used method across South Africa.

    Before you go for this method, first make sure to your nearest Pick N Pay store whether they offer SASSA payment withdrawal or not. Keep in mind there are many such stores that don’t accept payments from SASSA.
  • Boxer Store: Boxer Store is another option to receive your payments safe and sound from SASSA. This method also requires you to first ask the Boxer Store whether they provide SASSA payment withdrawal service or not.
    This method will be more suitable if you have any such store near your residency location.
  • Post Office: Government Post offices in South Africa also serve as a third party to deliver your payments through parcel. This method is also one of the traditional and old payment methods.

    To receive payments through this means, you have to specifically select this option while applying for a grant. This method is also one of the safest methods, but will be suitable more if you have the nearest Post Bank branch.

    After SASSA launched the ATM card system, this method is considered one of the least useable.
  • Bank Mobile Transfer: After bank payments, this method is also the most useable method, and easy to get your payments directly in your digital wallets like the Moya App on your smartphone.

    This method is also the safest method as it doesn’t involve any physical third party between you and SASSA, but keep in mind, that this might not be as cost-effective as getting your payments through the Post Office.
  • Cash Send: If you want to collect your SASSA payment without using any bank account, Cash Send will be the best option for you. Not only this, but this option will also allow you to send your money to a digital wallet like the Moya Mobile App.

    Another benefit of this method is that you can select your location accordingly for payment picks like a pharmacy or supermarket. One thing to mention here, this method is also the least used method.


You can choose only one payment method at a time, once the payment method is selected and approved by SASSA, the method will not be changed, hence such details as bank account info can be changeable.

Precautions For Choosing Payment Method

here are some precautionary measures you should be aware of when dealing with payment methods.

  1. Choose only officially announced payment methods that SASSA has declared as suitable with grants.
  2. Not necessary, but it’s always good practice to read the terms and conditions of the payment company you’re using.
  3. Don’t tell anyone the sensitive details of your payment methods, nor your SASSA account details.
  4. Try to deal with payment methods and SASSA yourself without involving unknown person or a third party.


How can I change my SASSA payment method?

Once the payment method is selected and approved, you can’t be able to change the payment method, so select your method of payment wisely.

What are the best SASSA payment options?

The best method all depends on your location and needs, but the widely used method is to receive payments in banks.

What is the least used payment method for SASSA?

Post bank and Cash Send are the least used payment methods by South Africans for the SASSA grant.

How do I change Sassa payment method?

Changing payment methods with SASSA is super easy, fast, and straightforward when you’re doing it online, to do this, read this guide on how to change SASSA banking details.

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