tips to manage finances with sassa

Tips For Managing Your Finances With SASSA

Many SASSA beneficiaries often struggle to manage their finances from SASSA due to a lack of financial literacy or budgeting skills.

Today in this post, I will make sure that my readers know about this, and if you try to manage your budget or learn to do it the right way, this will help you life long.

Managing your monthly budget is a skill everyone should know, this skill should be taught even in schools.

If you learn to manage your finances on a monthly basis, this will not only help you managing SASSA money but will help you get through your hard times easily.

Before you go into detail, you must know that it’s a skill and can only be learned after consistent practice.

Manage Finances with These Tips

These are some practical tips you should be applying with your monthly SASSA finances to ensure proper management.

  • Bifurcate your necessities or the things you necessarily need in a month excluding non-essential things that are merely a waste of money. Like spending on unwanted clothes is not important while spending on monthly groceries is an important thing.
  • Always be aware that the electricity you’re consuming is going to be an expenditure, so make sure you turn off unwanted home appliances when no need. Try to minimize your electricity bill as you’re going to pay the bill.
  • Know the difference between assets and liabilities, minimize your liability as they need money to run like a car, and maximize your assets as they give you money in return.
  • Try to use your liabilities if have any at the minimum consumption point.
  • Try using new technology bulbs, energy savers, fans, or air conditioners to ensure minimal consumption as new technology is designed for minimal energy usage with high output.
  • Use SASSA online services instead of going out to SASSA offices to seek help. Your unnecessary visits to the SASSA office will take your money as it requires fuel to reach such far places from your home.
  • If you’ve a child you’re unable to support financially, try considering child support grant by SASSA.
  • Avoid emergency loans from third parties or companies that offer you loans and cut your Sassa payment on payment arrival.
  • At the end of the month if some pennies are left in your account, try to save them for future use.
  • Take part in small mutual funds that are easily bearable with the money you have.
  • Make sure you don’t have any debts, if have any, then try your best to get rid of them sooner.
  • Record each and every detail related to your financial expenses on paper. 
  • Stay conscious about the remaining amount of money you have in your account.
  • Keep striving for a good job or business or keep trying to stand for a better financial status and make your vision to get rid of SASSA money in the future.

These tips will help you in the long run as well in the hard time that leads you to seek financial assistance from SASSA.

Things To Avoid

These things you must be avoiding while your monthly spending to ensure the safety of your finances.

  1. Never exceed the monthly grocery budget, buy within the budget, and even try to save some pennies.
  2. Don’t use appliances or liabilities built over old technology, like don’t use petrol engine motorbikes instead use electric bikes or solar chargeable bikes.
  3. Don’t shop for clothes that are unnecessary to you.
  4. Don’t take junk food, as it are harmful fo your health as well effects your monthly budgeting significantly.
  5. Do not invest in businesses or stocks unless you have a stable income from other sources. Avoid unauthorized money apps from the Play Store that promise returns over small investments (such apps are merely built for scams).

You can follow for more helpful information related to SASSA, whether you need know the online application process or anything important, we offer.

Final Thoughts

Following all the steps told above will ensure the proper monthly budgeting you need. This will help you stay within the budget and even helps you save some extras for future use.

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