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How To Reset SASSA Password The Simple Way

Choosing a complex password and later forgetting it is a part of the game when you’re dealing with portals in online world.

But forgetting the SASSA account password is the most trending problem the whole year both new and old beneficiaries face.

No problem if you’re a victim of not remembering things for long, I am here to assist you with this problem.

Resetting your password is really simple, it will take a few clicks from your side and a few minutes, nothing more than this.

Before you reset your password, you must know your email which is a compulsory thing, but if you have even forgotten your email, no problem, I will discuss this in another post later.

Reset Your Password The Easy Way

Follow these simple steps in order to reset your SASSA password.

Open SASSA Portal:

Visit your SASSA postal the same way as you do before through this URL

Give Login Try:

Try to log into your account with any wrong password, but your email should be correct, remember you have to put your ID number instead of email.

Forget Password:

After you enter the wrong password along with your email, it will show an arrow with ‘Reset Password’

Click Reset:

Click on the reset your password button and it will ask you to choose a new password with a special link sent in your email.

Last Step:

Enter the link and choose a new strong password after and save it in any file in case you forget it later.

If you’ve chosen a new password, you can save it in a Word file if you’re using a computer, if you’re using a smartphone you can either save it in a notepad or you can send your password to yourself in a messenger from WhatsApp or Facebook.

You can choose your strategy to save it in a safe place, but always remember password is a sensitive thing you must hide from others to save your SASSA account.

Easy To Get Forgotten Old Password

Here are some practical not much technical ways you can retrieve your old password from your browser history.


If you’ve enabled browser caching ON then try typing your login account full URL and press enter, it will automatically input your password and logging ID.


Open the same browser in which you have logged in your SASSA account before.

Head over to the setting and click on the ‘Auto Refill and Password’ button, then click on ‘Password Manager’ and here you can see your login password. This can only work if you’re using a Chrome browser.


This can be time taking and also not a smart way, but you can choose this also.

Sit in a quiet room and try to remember your old password, to remember it you can remember the things you have done at the time of setting a password.

There is a very low probability that it works, but still you can try this way also.

Final Thoughts

This is how simple it is you can get your old password or set a new one, the most easiest and quickest way is always retrieving your old password from the password manager history, give it a try.

For More Information:

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