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Can Someone With A Job Gets a SASSA Grant

The shortest answer to this question is someone with a job can probably get a SASSA grant, and a one with a job can’t get it. It completely depends on the financial conditions of the job holder.

In explanation to this, if a person’s salary is enough that he/she can bear monthly expenses without any other aid, then the person will not be eligible for this.

Similarly, if a person has a job and has enough amount of salary to bear monthly expenditures, then he/she might be eligible for having a SASSA grant.

If you’re any of these two types, you’ve to self-analyze where you stand in terms of financial status. If you think your monthly salary isn’t enough for monthly expenses then you can apply for a SASSA grant, but you also have to prove that your income means isn’t enough for you to live your life easily.

Factors Affecting SASSA Grant Eligibility for Employed Persons

Here are some factors that will make you more clear and help also help the SASSA decide the approval or rejection of your grant application with a job.

  • If you’re a job holder with a good amount of monthly wages, there are high chances you’ll face rejection.
  • If you’re an employee of a private company and receive a very low amount of salary on a monthly basis, you’re likely accepted by the SASSA approval team.
  • Similarly, if you’re a worker of a company as an employee with a very low monthly salary, but at the same time you’ve valued assets on your name, in this case, you’ll be rejected to receive a SASSA grant.
  • If you as a private employee receive a healthy salary at the end of the month but are still unable to meet your monthly expenses due to a large family of which you’re taking care.
  • If you;re family is too big with a good amount of salary, at the same time there are persons available in your family members who are medically fit and health and can work, in this case, you may also be not accepted by SASSA to become a beneficiary.

It doesn’t matter where you stand according to these factors, but’ll always have to prove this through documentation, SASSA also reserves the right to arrange and interview with you and ask for clarifications with real proof.

The rest of the process for application will always be the same, you can reapply for a grant as well you can also appeal for a SASSA grant in the same way as a normal applicant do. 

How to Apply for a SASSA Grant While Employed

If you’re a private worker, we recommend you to apply for a social grant by physically visiting the SASSA office nearest to you. 

  1. Let’s assume that you’re a job holder and need a SASSA grant, first decide which grant you should have or which grant suits your requirements to best.
  2. Before you visit any SASSA office, first arrange the documents that reflect your eligibility to be a SASSA beneficiary.
  • Print out your bank statement for the previous 6 months.
  • Also print your monthly salary receipts, if they are digital and exist in your phone, just take your phone with you.
  • Take the documents that show all the details of family members in your family.
  1. Then simply ask the help desk of SASSA if you want to apply for a grant, and they will assist you completely.
  2. Don’t forget to bring your origivnal ID card with some photocopies with you.

If you ever feel in your life that you don’t need an SASSA grant anymore, you can cancel your SASSA grant, it will be proof that you’re in equal part to the humanitarian act of SASSA.

If you’re very new to SASSA, you can read tips for a successful grant application, this will give you more knowledge what things SASSA does about a grant application.

Final Thoughts

Try to manage all the proofs in an office file before you start to apply. The more proofs and transparency you show, the more chances that you’ll be selected by the SASSA team for a monthly grant. One more thing to add, SASSA also offers jobs to citizens but under certain conditions, you can check.

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