How To Keep Your SASSA Card Safe From Being Vulnerized

How To Keep Your SASSA Card Safe From Being Vulnerized

Like you take care of other credit or debit cards, the SASSA card also requires some sort of care that ensures the security of your SASSA card and saves it from being misused.

We’ve discussed all the important things that you must keep in mind if you’re an SASSA card holder, or in the future going to be one.

Keeping your SASSA card safe from the exploitation of vulnerabilities is important, you should take this seriously as an SASSA beneficiary.

The misuse of any debit card in this digital age is not a big deal for people who are undercover working for dirty money. You have to take the necessary steps as a SASSA cardholder to keep it safe from getting into such incidents.

Steps You Should Take To Keep Your SASSA Card Safe

Here are a few steps that you must keep in mind or be aware of every time as a cardholder of SASSA. these are not merely applicable to SASSA cards, but you can also apply these tips to other cards as well to keep them safe.

How To Keep Your SASSA Card Safe From Being Vulnerized
how to keep your sassa card safe from vulnerabilities
  • Card Number and Date: don’t tell your SASSA card number and expiry date to anyone on the internet or even your friends and family, always keep them secret to yourself only. If your card number and expiry date are leaked, anybody can do online shopping for these two details.
  • Hide PIN at ATM: always try to hide your ATM PIN number when you enter an ATM to withdraw your money, in many cases, your PIN can also be misused by some hackers.
  • Keep Your Card Covered: always keep your card covered in a wallet and leather card holder, this will keep the details of your card safe from getting public, try to choose dark color leather card holders and avoid transparent plastic card holders.
  • Remember Your PIN: don’t write your PIN anywhere on hard paper, always try to remember it in your mind.
  •  Always Check Phone for Notifications: never ignore notifications from banks or from SASSA related to your card, that can be serious messages sometimes, so try to read and understand them properly.
  • Check Statements Regularly: keep checking the statement or the amount you have as a backup in your account, and if you notice any deduction or something unusual with your account, immediately report to authorities.
  • Don’t Use Unauthorized ATMs: if any ATM company claims that they are affiliated with SASSA, don’t trust without proper research and verifying yourself. Some unauthorized ATMs can see your personal details linked with your money-holding account which can cause serious issues later.
  • Don’t Use Cookies: if you shop online using your SASSA card, don’t save your card number and password on online platforms where you shop, this will minimize the chances of your card being vulnerable.
  • Don’t Share Card Details Here: if any person or any organization reaches out to you through emails or other digital means and asks you to share your card details using any spoofy excuses, don’t ever try to share your card details with them.

Precautions About Keeping Your Card Safe:

  1. If you lose or forget your card somewhere, immediately report this incident to authorities before your card gets into dirty hands. You may have to write an affidavit in some cases before you report the card loss incident to authorities.
  2. If you see a separate device attached to the sensor of the ATM, immediately report this to the ATM owner or the bank that owns the ATM.
  3. After you renew your card, cross-check the details mentioned on the card and match those details with your own.
  4. Rub your thumb or index finger slightly over the chip of the card, and notice if there is any second chip attached, if the case happens report this to SASSA.
  5. If you notice any third-party software program installed in the ATM or any software other than the bank where you’re punching your card, immediately take your card out and report this to higher authorities.
  6. If your card shows unknown banking details attached, change the banking details to your in first go.
  7. While activating your card, don’t use any third-party app or website that claims to activate your card, only perform this with direct interactions with SASSA.

Final Thoughts

Keeping yourself aware of such precautionary measures and steps told to keep your card safe from vulnerabilities or misuse will be a surety that your card is in safe hands and far away from exploitation.

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