sassa gold card expiry date

SASSA Gold Card Expiry Date 2023

SASSA gold card expiry has been announced for 2023 December which has created a CHAOS among South African beneficiaries of SASSA. This limitation was recently and officially implemented by SASSA.

The SASSA also announced in their recent speeches that there is no need to worry about the expiration of your gold card, it will expire at the end of the year on 31st December 2023, so there is no need to visit SASSA offices for renovation of your gold card.

They also announced that the SASSA gold card expiry has nothing to do with the activation of your card, a grace period will be provided after expiration in which you can renew your card.

Besides all this, if there is any concern with your card expiry or you’re facing any technical problem with your card, make sure you solve all such problems before official pay days of SASSA.

Gold Card Expiration Till December 2023

Now more than 15 million beneficiaries of SASSA rely solely on SASSA gold cards to withdraw their payments. A recent statement from SASSA officials has made clear that this limitation is being implemented to protect beneficiaries from fraud.

Renewal Process for Gold Card

There isn’t any hard and fast rule for renewing your SASSA gold card, however, follow these steps in order to renew your SASSA card in case it expires and stops working.

  • Take your expired card with you and visit the SASSA Postbank nearest to you. You can also take some other documents related to your grant with you for verification. Also don’t forget to take your ID card with you.
  • Ask the counter of Psotbank facilitating this purpose to renew your gold card, they will ask you for your expired card and some other details for authentication.
  • Provide all the things they require from you at the counter and wait for the activation process they perform at their end.
  • Congratulations your gold card will be renewed and activated.

If for any reason you want to change any detail related to your bank account with SASSA, you can change any bank details complying terms and conditions. SASSA also provides you the option to solve your issues with SASSA lost card all in a matter of some steps.


Does the SASSA Card Expire?
Yes, the SASSA gold card expires but you can renew it accordingly after expiration.

Is the SASSA gold card still valid?
Yes, the SASSA gold card is valid and will work until SASSA discontinues it and the implementation of any new technology facilitates the withdrawal of your money.

Where can I go to renew my expired gold card?
You can only visit Postbank for renewing your gold card, note that there is no second option for card renewal than Postbank.

How to identify the expiry date of my gold card?
Your SASSA gold card expiry is mentioned on your card itself in the below section.

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