how to withdraw money without sassa

How To Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card

It can be the case sometimes when your SASSA card isn’t available due to many reasons or if it’s expired. We’ve discussed many ways on how to withdraw money without SASSA card if you’re in this situation.

It’s a fact that you can withdraw your SASSA money in multiple ways when you don’t have your card with you, but remember all such methods will only work when all the things connected to your SASSA application are working fine.

Even a single problem with your application can cause failure in withdrawing your money, but the good news is you can withdraw when everything is working fine.

Be aware, if you want to change your SASSA banking details or if you want to change your SASSA phone number, all all such tasks before going to withdraw your money without SASSA card or cardless withdrawal.

Ways to Withdraw Your Money Without SASSA Card

In general, when you don’t have your SASSA card, you can use cardless payments option given by SASSA, direct payments into your bank account, or cash send option which includes various other ways to withdraw.

Withdrawal using Direct Cash into Bank Account

withdraw using direct payment to bank account
withdraw using direct payment to bank account
  • Direct payments into your bank account: It’s one of the classical ways of getting your SASSA payment. It may be time-consuming for some people as you’ve to stay for long in queues at the banks to get your payments in your hands.
  • When there were very few options like ATMs in South Africa back in time, a large number of SASSA beneficiaries used this method to take their grant money.
  • This method of getting your payment has now become old-fashioned due to the growing population in the country and the pace at which the number of SASSA beneficiaries is increasing in the country, this can make large crowds in banks which might disturb the system of the country.

Withdrawal Using Cardless Payments

cardless payment withdrawl
cardless payment withdrawal
  • Card less payments: for some beneficiaries, it can be tricky to understand what cashless payments are, even direct payments into your bank account can be cashless as you can use the money at online websites for shopping by just using the unique code of your card.
  • When you get your SASSA payments in various digital wallets available in South Africa, these can also be considered as cashless payments.

Withdrawal Using Cash Send Option

cash send withdrawal
cash send withdrawal
  • Cash send option: When you get SASSA payment disbursal into your local digital wallets or get your money using SASSA OTP, these payments are generally known as cash send payments.

    You can utilize options like withdrawal using OTP, ABSA, and FNB’s E-wallet, Withdrawing your money using these means can be very easy and considered as from modern fashioned ways.

    This can save you a lot of time, but in most of cases a small amount of your SASSA money might be detected when you involve a third local party in the means.

Withdrawal Using FingerPrint

atm fingerprint withdrawal
atm fingerprint withdrawal
  • ATM without Card: if you remember the PIN and password of your card, this option is one of the easiest and smoother in taking your payments.

    You may have seen a small fingerprint point on the side of the AMT machines, this amazing feature of banks and ATMS can’t only save your time but also space in your pocket.

    You can simply visit the ATM machine and put your thumb or finger on the fingerprint sensor of the ATM and the ATM will instantly require your PIN of the card.

    You can easily withdraw your payments by simply entering your PIN in the ATM, the rest of the process will be the same as you do while taking your money out from the ATM using your SASSA card.

Withdrawal Through Post Office

  • Post Office Payments: this is also an option, but the most difficult way as well. If you want to get your money from a post office in South Africa you’ve to fulfill many requirements, due to this reason, this isn’t feasible today.

    Almost all SASSA beneficiaries who used this method have left this because of its hardness and the time it takes, but what if you have various other options available in the country that can not only save your time but also your other resources.

Best Option to Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card

It’s completely dependent on your requirements and the ease you want to get your payments. You can use any of the above-told ways for cardless withdrawals.

But the easiest and the best way to withdraw your money without using a card is using direct payments into your bank account or using the fingerprint feature of ATMs, but specifically in these you don’t pay a large amount to any third party like you pay in digital wallets.

Getting direct payments into your bank account can take your time, but at the end, your payments will come into your hands without getting into the hands of many other parties that come between you and your payments.

When you use an ATM with your fingerprint, it can be a savage method from all sides. So the most efficient, easiest, and technology-oriented way is this.

Precautions While Withdrawing Money Without SASSA Card

Here are some precautionary measures you should be aware of when you’re using this method of withdrawing your money without a card. These points will ensure that you stay away from any vulnerability.

  1. Never ever share your ATM card’s PIN with anyone, keep it secret, sharing your PIN with others can raise vulnerabilities for you.
  2. Don’t try to reply to calls or text messages from unknown numbers that promise to be an SASSA official, only give responses to official SASSA numbers and emails.
  3. Only use retailers and banks that are officially announced by SASSA as partnered entities.
  4. Even if you visit any SASSA office for any purpose, don’t share your card details with the professionals at the SASSA office.
  5. Only use official SASSA portals ( to solve your frequent problems.


Can I withdraw SASSA money from any ATM using my fingerprint?

Not all ATMs, but ATMs of banks that are registered with SASSA only can be used to withdraw money.

Can someone on my behalf withdraw my SASSA money without a SASSA card?

This is impractical, also sharing the secret details of your SASSA bank cards isn’t recommended by SASSA, try to avoid this.

Is there any hidden fee if I withdraw money without SASSA card?

If you don’t use any third-party digital wallet, you’ll be not paying any hidden fee to any of the third parties.

Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw without a SASSA card?

No, you can withdraw your money without any withdrawal limit unless you’re using any third-party digital wallet service.

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