how to check sassa status on whatsapp

How to Check SASSA Status on WhatsApp

To check your SASSA status on WhatsApp isn’t a tricky process, it’s an easy, simple, and straightforward process in which you only have to perform a few actions using your WhatsApp chat.

With the launch of various other online options or facilities, SASSA has also launched these options specifically for people who are illiterate using the internet or under the illiteracy line in the country but know how to use WhatsApp.

Before you perform your status check on your smartphone, please note that there is no additional or hidden charge you will be paying to SASSA the internet service company, or the telecom company, it’s a completely free service.

Check SASSA Status on WhatsApp Step by Step

Before you check your grant status on WhatsApp make sure you have downloaded the official WhatsApp app from the Play Store and activated it using your activated South African phone number with your email.

  • Step 1: First save the official SASSA WhatsApp number in your phone’s contacts, you can save this number 082 046 8553 with the name govchat status check OR simply SASSA.
  • Step 2: now use a very pleasant and professional tone and say Hello SASSA to start chat with SASSA operators on WhatsApp.
  • Step 3: the operator will acknowledge you with a greeting message and ask you for the purpose of initiating a chat. Select the ‘status check’ option and press the send button on your chat.
  • Step 4: To check your status, you must know your SASSA reference number because the operator is going to as your reference number to check your status.
  •  Step 5: Type your reference number correctly and wait for a moment and the SASSA operator will deliver your status in the name chat with all current details of your grant. In this way, you can see your grant status within minutes by just using your smartphone and WhatsApp application.

Things to Consider While Using WhatsApp Status Checking

  • Always choose soft and pleasant words while talking to the SASSA operator because your chat with the SASSA operator can be recorded.
  • Enter your reference number very carefully, even a single numerical mistake in the number can cause your status to decline.
  • Be transparent and active in providing extra details if the operator asks for you.


Do robots or real humans tell SASSA status on WhatsApp?

When you first initiate talk with the operator, the WhatsApp autobots respond to you, if their automated system have the ability to solve your problem it will solve it on its own like facilitating you with answers to general questions, if there is a need for real human, the automated system will direct your chat to the real human in SASSA.

What is the best time to chat about SASSA status on WhatsApp?

There is no specific time for this, you can talk to check your status within office hours and work days. Avoid chatting with SASSA team on weekends.

Does checking SASSA status on WhatsApp show the same details of the grant?

Yes, it will tell you 100% accurate and real-time details from the actual database of SASSA at the backend.

SASSA Status Check

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