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SASSA Yellow Card | Real OR Fake | All You Need To Know

Many SASSA beneficiaries are confused about the SASSA Yellow Card, what is this, and how can one get? Let me tell you, this is merely a fake talk of town wandering these days in South Africa.

Someone might have referred to the SASSA gold card which is a thing that SASSA offers, but due to this casual reference, a large group of SASSA beneficiaries are confused and curious.

Don’t consider this as propaganda, some people might see gold color as yellow, and maybe they pronounce gold color a yellow color in casual way.

This is a briefing about Yellow cards by SASSA, you are advised to cross-check or verify any new thing you see or hear about SASSA, as the rise of this organization has also produced many scammers, you \should be aware enough to identify a fake buzzword.

False News Identification Methods

Here are some tips for you if you hear or see something unusual or surprising about SASSA, so you can identify the false thing within the news.

  • If you hear anything related to SASSA that is kind of new to you, first verify by visiting SASSA official site.
  • You can also verify news by physically visiting any SASSA office near you, this may be time-consuming, but this will be a one-on-one communication between you and the SASSA team so this will make you more clear and confident about the news or information.
  • You can subscribe to newsletters from some popular and authoritative news sites that publish news about SASSA, in this way, you’ll be notified about each and every detail about the events that happen officially at SASSA.
  • You can browse to some high-quality Youtube channels that release news about SASSA.
  • Another way to verify a news is by emailing or contacting at the official SASSA number, if you email to verify a news the rely of your email may take some days, so it may be a time-consuming process.
  • Some important policy changes or important events if happen at SASSA, SASSA also emails or send SMS to beneficiaries on the email/number beneficiaries have provided in their online application.

If you’re new to the world of SASSA grants, the following are some foundational articles that will be helpful throughout your SASSA grant journey. For all important and helpful information, you can check

Final Thoughts

SASSA yellow card isn’t a thing yet officially announced by SASSA, if someone pretends to be a SASSA professional and asks you if he/she will get you a yellow card, simply don’t trust unless you see the official announcement. We recommend to handle all your queries with SASSA directly without involving a third party.

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