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10 Tips for Successful SASSA Grant Approval

If you’re interested in having a SASSA grant or planning to be an applicant of SASSA grant then here are some actionable and proven tips that you can follow to get your successful approval in first time for your grant.

The very important thing in any grant is transparency and correction of provided details to SASSA if you’ve shown transparency about your personal details and financial status and all information to 100 correct then you are near to your grant approval.

Tips for SASSA Grant Approval

Here are some tips you can follow to make your application look more professional which ultimately increases the chances of your grant approval, we’ve collected all these tips after years fo experience.

  1. Provide 100% Correct Details: if you’re applying through SASSA online application or by going physically to the SASSA office, you must provide all the numerical or spelling details 100%, a single mistake in your name spelling or in your ID number can throw you in a problem.
  2. Meeting Criteria: when you are applying for any specific grant, you must know the criteria of that specific grant in order to get successful approval of that grant, must meet the criteria of the grant.
  3. Hiding Something: if you fail to show transparency about your details like your financial status or assets and SASSA finds the details of it from somewhere, you might get any approval and may be rejected without any prior notice.
  4. Not Clearing Browser Caching: it’s always encouraged from our side to to clear your browser caching before taking any step online towards your SASSA grant, not clearing your browser caching sometimes automatically fills information from browser cookies which may lead to wrong details submission from your side.
  5. Unclear About Grant: you must know about the grant for which you are applying, meeting the criteria of any other grant than the grant you are interested in leads to rejection of your application.
  6. Expired ID: make sure before any grant that your ID card shouldn’t be expired, if this is the case your application may be declined from SASSA.
  7. Slow or Disturbed Internet: if while applying your internet connection is not well, in this case your application will not reach the SASSA team, make sure your internet is always be working very well to achieve successful application approval.
  8. OTP Expiry: when you first time make an account on the SASSA portal you get a OTP number that is valid for only a limited time if for some reason your OTP get expires, you may face problems in your application journey, so make sure you use it in valid time only otherwise apply for a new OTP code
  9. Un Authorized Payment Method: you must know that SASSA only pays through specific payment methods, if you choose any other payment method than the SASSA officially has announced, you may face rejection in your application.
  10. Wrong Banking or Phone Number: when you provide your banking details while applying for SASSA, always provide the correct details of your bank, SASSA always confirms the bank title and the account holder. You can update your application and make changes in your banking details to correct it. Similarly, you can also change your phone number in the application updation process.

Final Thoughts

All tips are important to follow, but the most important tip from all these is showing transparency about your details. If you follow all such instructions, your application for any grant will be approved in the first instance. For more information related to your application status, you can perform SASSA status check on our site.

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