SASSA Affidavit For All Grants | What is SASSA Affidavit

SASSA affidavit plays a vital role as a supporting document with your SASSA grant application to prove the authenticity of the provided documents of proofs.

Here I’ve discussed all the Sassa affidavits you may need for the grant types SASSA offers to South African citizens.

Before you know each grant’s affidavit, it’s important that you first know the actual purpose in detail of an affidavit or why an affidavit is used with an application.

Purpose of SASSA Affidavit

After reading the following points it will be a better understanding for you especially if you’re a new beneficiary of SASSA.

  • An affidavit by an applicant for a specific grant is used by the SASSA team as one of the important documents as a verifier to verify the information provided by the applicant in order to win a grant.
  • Not only with a new application it’s used, but also for the grant renewal process it must be provided to SASSA in order to continue receiving grants.

Here is the sassa affidavit form pdf download section for each grant SASSA offers, make sure you use the official format designed by SASSA.

affidavit form for sassa

SASSA Affidavit for an Older Persons Grant

The od age grant affidavit is used to showcase the authenticity of the information related to the older person who is applying for the grant.

It typically includes the financial status of the senior person, declaration of marital status, residential proof, and most importantly identity verification highlighting the age.

SASSA Affidavit Child Support Grant

As this affidavit type is used for child support grants as a supporting document, it usually includes declaration of information related to the child as the child’s birth certificate,

SASSA Affidavit for Grant in-Aid

An affidavit for grant in-aid is specifically used to declare the information of the core purpose of its application.

In this affidavit, we typically require to declare the dependency of the applicant like any health conditions, and some details of the caregiver or guardian as supplementary information to get approval.

Sassa Affidavit for Disability Grant

The affidavit for disability grant includes the usual information that other grants do, but it’s different as it need to declare the disability fo the person.

Proving the disability through this affidavit may require other supplementary documents like medical assessments of the person.

SASSA Affidavit for War Veterans Grant

The affidavit for war veterans grant include a declaration that the person was a veteran in the South African armed forces back in time of WWII.

This also includes other documents as supporting documents like the documents related to the person who served in the Army.

War veterans grants don’t have an affidavit format to prove the authenticity, but you can make your own affidavit on a simple paper with supporting documents to increase the chances of approval.

SASSA Affidavit for Care Dependency Grant

The care dependency grant affidavit includes some supporting documents that that shows the specific person is eligible to receive this grant.

This affidavit can include various other supporting documents like a medical assessment of the applicant which can be related to mental health or physical health. The rest of the format of this affidavit will be the same as other official affidavits of SASSA.

SASSA Affidavit for Foster Child Grant

This affidavit includes the same supporting documents but related to the foster child that declares the foster child is foster in actual.

The official affidavit format of a foster child affidavit may include the information related to the foster parents of the child or parents guarding the foster child.

If possible a death certificate of the child’s parents can also be attached to this affidavit to increase approval probability.

How To Write SASSA Affidavit Practically

To write affidavit you don’t need a new special type fo paper.

Simply download the official documented form of affidavit related to the grant you’re interested for.

Open the download form in a form filling software in you computer or smartphone and start filling it.

After filling the form, you can attach the copy with you application or appeal or with whatever you want.

Precautions for Affidavit

  1. Always use the official format of SASSA affidavit by downloading from the link provided, avoid downloading from unofficial sites.
  2. Your supporting documents much match the information you declare in the affidavit form.
  3. While filling the affidavit form avoid cutting of words.
  4. Stay updated about your application if you perform anything practical by using online SASSA status check tool.


Where can I get SASSA affidavit form?

You can download the SASSA form from the official SASSA site or the one I provided for each grant type.

Can I fill affidavit form offline or by hand?

Yes you can, to fill it offline you first need to print out a copy of it and then fill it with a ballpoint, and then again scan it to get its digital form to attach with the core document like your appeal or application.

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