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What is SASSA EasyPay Green Card

Long talk short, this is merely a false thing, SASSA officially has denied that there are no official tie-ups of SASSA with EasyPay, so be careful of any fraud or scam in this regard.

There are many people in South Africa started spreading this which started getting viral among SASSA beneficiaries through word of mouth.

SASSA in its official statements rejected and stated that they don’t even know what EasyPay is, neither we own this nor we’re partnered with this, if you experience any scam with this company, we’ll not be responsible for any loss.

For your information, EasyPay is a private entity that gives loans to South African people with some interests. This company has nothing to do with SASSA and SASSA beneficiaries, nor does this company offer any services to SASSA beneficiaries in any regard.

What is Easypay Green Card and How This Confusion Arised 

EasyPay Green Card is a legit company in South Africa that lends money to South African people. Once in an official statement, EasyPay green card said that only SASSA beneficiaries will be allowed to have loans from us.

This statement doesn’t really mean that only SASSA beneficiaries will be allowed, they only categorized their loan receivers as SASSA beneficiaries.

Why do they categorize this? Because SASSA beneficiaries receive their grant money monthly in their account, so EasyPay’s statement might be pointing to a group of people with at least monthly income in their personal bank accounts.

Precautions Related to SASSA EasyPay Green Card

  • If any person claims that he/she is one of the EasyPay team members, be aware that EasyPay is an online digital app that does not offer any physical service physically to its customers.
  • Similarly, if any person claims that he/she is a SASSA helper who will assist you in any type of EasyPay SASSA loan, note that the SASSA team does not help SASSA beneficiaries out of the building of SASSA.
  • If you want to use any of the services of EasyPay, don’t forget to download it only from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Their SASSA loan category works similarly to the Capitec SASSA loan which is specifically designed for SASSA  beneficiaries receiving money on a continuous basis.
  • If any SASSA team member says that he/she will assist you with loans from SASSA, note that, SASSA doesn’t offer loans to its beneficiaries as this agency is specifically built for grants. 
  • Third-party loan schemes for SASSA beneficiaries cause a direct amount deduction right after official payment disbursal.
  • Such schemes may first require your personal details or maybe your SASSA account logins, be careful in this regard.
  • If you bear any loss in such terms, SASSA will not be responsible for any of that.
  • Try to rely only on SASSA grants and don’t fill out any application form that promises an EasyPay loan or something like that. 
  • Suppose you get involved in such loan schemes, keep in mind that you’ve to pay interest over the loan payment at last, and failure to pay interest rate may cause you problems.

This article is merely written to kill your confusion, we don’t recommend any transaction with EasyPay to SASSA beneficiaries.


Does EasyPay offer SASSA loan?

It’s not sure, nor do we experienced receiving such information from authentic sources.

Is Easy Pay green Card SASSA a real thing?

Not at all, it’s merely a confusion or a rumor that got famous in recent days in the country.

Is EasyPay a SASSA company?

No, EasyPay is another company that has no any tie-ups or any relations with SASSA.

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