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SASSA Moya App | How to check SASSA Status Using Moya App

Every SASSA beneficiary knows that the grant status can be checked using an ID number and phone number, but very few people are aware their grant status can be checked using the Moya app.

SASSA moya app integration happened a few years back when SASSA started to facilitate its users with technology and the internet. This option is one of the newest facilities SASSA provides to South Africans.

One of the biggest benefits of SASSA Moya app status checking is that you can check your status on your phone without browsing any app website online, and also you can check your grant application status without the internet if you have the Moya app installed on your smartphone.

How to Check SASSA Grant Status Using the Moya App

To check your grant status with Moya, you just have to follow a few steps, however, it is a reliable method to check your status because it’s going to save you a lot of time and your internet MBs also.

check sassa status using moya app
use moya app to check your sassa status
  • Step 1: If you are an Android user then download the official Moya app from Play Store or Apple Appstore if you’re an iPhone user. After downloading and signing up, tap on the ‘Discover’ button on the main navigational bar below on your screen.
  • Step 2: a new small window will pop in front of you after tapping the Discover button, you can see two SASSA icons, click on the ‘Zero Grant’ SASSA icon. Remember, this option will consume your mobile data.
  • Step 3: in case you want to check your status using Moya without consuming your internet data, click on the second SASSA icon named ‘Grants Data Free’. 
  • Step 4: After tapping any of the two options you will be redirected to the official SASSA portal where you have to enter your South African ID number and registered phone number.

Important: The Moya App is just an integration between you and SASSA’s official status-checking portal, Moya doesn’t have any shared database with the official SASSA database.

Benefits of the SASSA Moya App

Besides the benefits of the Moya App with SASSA You can’t use the SASSA online application using the Moya App, however, the following are some benefits of checking your status using this smartphone app.

benefits of moya app for sassa
benefits of using moya app
  • It will save you time as you don’t have to separately open a browser on your phone.
  • In case you’re out of data on your sim, still you can use the Moya app to check your grant status within a minute.
  • You can regularly keep an eye on your grant status as the app will be in your pocket with your phone.


Does checking my status using the Moya App affect my status details?

No, it will tell you the exact same result as you see on the official SASSA portal because it’s not a third party providing you status details, it’s just a redirection to the main SASSA site.

Is the Moya App 100% free to use?

Yes, it will be 100% free to check your SASSA status, we don’t claim other options of SASSA are free. With this, there is no fee for downloading this app from Playstore or Apple AppStore.

Can I use the Moya App to check other details of my application?

Yes, you can use it to see other details regarding your application like you can also check your appeal status.

Is the Moya app safe to use for SASSA?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to use for checking your status as all their operations are legal and made after terms and permissions from SASSA.

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